The School of Engineering will hold a Media Day on April 16, 2014, in the Business-Engineering Complex, where senior design projects from the Departments of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering will be on display.

Projects and poster presentations will be set up in the lobby that morning. Students will then defend their projects to members of the departments' Industrial Advisory Councils, beginning at 11 a.m.

The projects that will be on display are as follows:

3-D Printer
This team is converting a custom-built CNC machine into a moderate scale 3-D printer capable of "printing" a solid item from an engineering drawing file.

Lifting Table for Truck Side-Pack
This device is designed to facilitate construction of the "side-packs" used on each side of a commercial truck. The device allows easily lifting and maneuvering of these 500 pound components during fabrication.

Armored Cable Termination Device
A device has been designed and is being constructed that will strip the outer jacket off of an armored cable for without damaging the delicate fiber optic elements inside. The approach currently in use involves a lengthy process done by hand.

Casting Demonstration Lab
This team is designing and constructing a small-scale centrifugal casting machine that will be used to demonstrate the process used in the region to make cast iron pipe. This machine will be used both for educational and research purposes. A low-pressure die casting machine is also being designed as part of the project but will not be built.

Shell Ecomarathon Car
A super high-mileage vehicle is being constructed to compete in the Shell Ecomarathon competition. The vehicle uses a carbon fiber frame, aerodynamic body and small engine in an attempt to reach a target of over 1000 miles/gallon fuel consumption. The competition will be in Houston, TX on April 26, 2014.

Electrathon Car
This team has entered a competition that requires the fabrication of an electrically powered vehicle with the objective of traversing the furthest possible distance given a limited power supply and time. The car is being built from scratch starting with the production of carbon fiber components. The competition will take place at Barber Motorsports Park.

Lung Nodule Resection Device
The goal for this project is to design and construct a device capable of removing up to a 10mm diameter nodule from a lung. The challenge; the entire device must fit within an 18g needle, which is slightly larger than 1mm. In addition, resection is to be done while cauterizing the lung tissue adjacent to the nodule.

Variable Refrigerant Flow Refrigeration System
This team is designing and constructing a system to replace one current used for educational purposes in the mechanical engineering program. The new device will be able to automatically vary refrigerant flow rate in response to changes in environmental conditions. It will also recover waste heat, and store it for reuse.

Enhancing the Safety of Industrial Tensile Machines
A device has been designed and constructed that will reduce the risk of injury when trying to place large metal samples into a tensile testing machine in order to determine mechanical properties. An electromagnet is utilized to permit holding and then releasing the samples without the need to reach into the testing machine.