Vestavia School Pedestrian Bridge Project-Novel Technology Demonstration

The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) is supporting the City of Vestavia Hills (VH) in its proposed City of Vestavia Hills-Wald Park Pedestrian Crossover bridge project. This bridge will provide a means of safe pedestrian access across the highly traveled US Highway 31 and will be an integral component of the City’s new walkway system connecting the City’s schools, library, and parks. This project is being funded through the Federal Highway Authority (FHWA) Innovative Bridge Research and Deployment Program (IBRC) in conjunction with the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT).

The efforts at UAB will focus on combining the most recent advances in concrete material technology and accelerated precast concrete bridge construction practice with new composite material technologies in the design and construction of the proposed pedestrian bridge. These efforts will include structural analysis and design support for the high performance materials and accelerated precast concrete construction portions of the bridge structure along with development of the innovative rail and enclosure structures to provide a high tech yet aesthetic appearance. UAB will provide analysis and design support for accelerated bridge construction methods using high performance precast concrete or other innovative bridge girder technologies to decrease construction time and hence alleviate traffic impacts in the forms of road closure, delays, congestion, detours, and the need to work over a traveled  roadway. All work performed by UAB will be done in very close coordination with the VH Program Manager, ALDOT, and the Engineer.

All project efforts will be accomplished through an Integrated Process & Product Development (IPPD) Team approach.  This team approach will bring together expertise in civil structures design, materials engineering, and manufacturing. 

The IPPD Team make-up and responsibilities are outlined below:

Drs. Nasim Uddin and Christopher Waldron (UAB) – program coordination, civil and composites structure design & analysis, and performance monitoring

Dr. Uday Vaidya (UAB) – composite materials design, processing, and manufacturing

Drs. Fouad Fouad and Christopher Waldron(UAB) – precast concrete and accelerated construction technologies

Dr. Barry Andrews (UAB) – material science and engineering