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Graduate Program Directors by Department

Biomedical Engineering
Ho-Wook Jun, Ph.D.

Civil Engineering
Robert Peters, Ph.D. 

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Dr. Karthik Lingasubramanian

Materials Science and Engineering
Vinoy Thomas, Ph.D. 

Mechanical Engineering
David Littlefield, Ph.D. 

Students graduating from Pathways to an engineering department should contact their department's Graduate Program Director (see list at right) at least four weeks prior to the end of the semester. The Graduate Program Director will advise students on courses for the upcoming semester as well as proposed thesis topics, if applicable. Students will be given a Registration Access Code (RAC) only after meeting with their advisor. Students will be able to register for courses once they receive an e-mail from INTO UAB notifying them that their status has been officially changed from Pathways to direct study.

Other questions (financial aid, housing, etc.) should be directed to the appropriate department.