Stan Chapman '17

"IEM has been one of the best decisions I have made to date in my life. My only regret is that I did not apply to the program when I first heard of it. I watched two former employees at Mercedes go through it. I signed their reimbursement forms every semester and watched how they transformed. One of them caught my eye enough that I was considering promoting him to Manager of the department. I never got the chance. Within six months of graduation, one received a better job offer at Southern Company and the other at Volkswagen. I still did not bother joining IEM. Years later, a friend of mine learned of the program and wanted me to go into it with him. I sat on the idea. After he completed his first semester and detailed to me what he was learning, I decided to apply. I have been an executive for sometime now. However, IEM has filled in the voids of things I did not learn well through the school of hard knocks and increased my confidence. It is also attractive to employers. Believe it or not, I will be interviewing this weekend for a President position of a company that is a tier 1 supplier to Ford. I did not seek the opportunity, it just came. Prior to IEM, I had an extensive background in engineering. That alone is not enough to run a company. IEM has fixed that for me."

"Even if I never go and work for another company, IEM has also taught me how, and given me the confidence to start one for myself. That is exactly what I am doing now while I am being sought by other companies."

"The instructors want you to succeed and know what the are talking about. I will tell you, you will get out of IEM more than you put in. If you do decide to join and apply yourself to fullest, I am confident you will look back on this email and have your own success story to add in a year."