Early Career Technical Conference 


November 2-3, 2019

The University of Alabama at Birmingham
Business-Engineering Complex
1150 10th Avenue South
Birmingham, AL

Residence Inn
Downtown Birmingham

The Nineteenth Annual Early Career Technical Conference is open to everyone.

Candidates may choose any subject matter they have worked on or submitted as part of their academic or professional career. Topics may encompass the full range of mechanical engineering.

Arrangements have been made to grant honorariums for 100 persons whose papers are accepted for presentation and publication in the Early Career Technical Journal.

This is the only conference, that we are aware of, that provides an honorarium to presenters while also providing a professional and academic setting.

Our sponsors for ECTC 2019 included several ASME Sections, Manufacturing Industry, “AE” with global business, an Engineering Consultant and a Medical Outfit.

Given the vast array of topics, since we are looking at the research projects that the paper/presenter is already engaged on, it should be possible to meet the deadlines.


In today’s competitive engineering job market, ECTC 2019 is a forum for enabling early-career engineers, graduate and undergraduate students to develop their technical credentials in line with their choice of engineering discipline.

ECTC 2019 helps participants to develop written and verbal skills, teamwork, integrated thinking and interdisciplinary skills with demonstrated technical performance to stand out among their peers.

Recognizing today’s Engineering Market Place and the impact of globalization, ECTC 2019 will be open to allied disciplines that overlap with Mechanical Engineering.

Who Should Participate?

Participation of graduate students, early-career engineers, early-career faculty members and undergraduates from the United States, Canada and around the world is encouraged in four categories:

  • Graduate Students: Graduate Students currently enrolled in a Mechanical Engineering graduate program at a college or university are encouraged to submit papers on topics related to past, current and on-going projects related to their academic work.
  • Early-Career Engineers: Recent engineering graduates who received their B.S., M.S., or Ph.D. degrees in Mechanical Engineering or related, as well as allied fields, between September 2009 and May 2019 can submit papers in this category. These may relate to their senior or graduate projects or topics related to their current work activity. (Please Note: If you are submitting a topic related to work, be sure you have your company's approval.) Related and allied fields include those that interface with varied aspects of mechanical engineering and its applications. Participants may or may not hold a mechanical engineering degree, but they will have a degree in a related field.
  • Early-Career Faculty Members: Early-Career faculty in Engineering or related, as well as allied fields, are also encouraged to submit papers on topics related to their areas of expertise.
  • Undergraduate Students: Undergraduate students, currently enrolled in a Mechanical Engineering undergraduate program, or a related program, as well as allied fields, at a college or university are encouraged to submit papers on topics related to past, current and on-going projects related to their academic work. Undergraduate students involved in research in association with their supervising faculty and/or graduate student researchers can also submit papers as first author.

Advantages of Attending

  • You will develop and refine your research and writing skills.
  • You will learn how to better prepare a technical paper for presentation.
  • You will earn multidisciplinary knowledge from other presenters.
  • You will gain invaluable experience by practicing your presentation skills in front of a small and friendly audience.
  • This will prepare your engineers to make successful presentations at other conference and industrial settings.
  • By authoring and presenting a paper, you will build your technical resume with a tangible technical publication.
  • You will gain technical recognition for yourself and your school or company.
  • You will meet and network with other early-career engineers and faculty members to learn more about the profession.

Organizer's Responsibility

Statements and opinions advanced in papers are to be understood as individual expressions of their authors and not those of the Conference Organizers.


For inquiries on local arrangements, please reach out to David Littlefield at (205) 934-8460 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..