System Integration

Research activities: Doug Ross

General topics: system integration, robotics, image processing, machine design, actuators

Dr. Ross' area of expertise is in automated systems integration at both the low level of sensors, actuators and controllers and at the high level of robots and CNC machines. Graduate students projects involve creating sub-systems related to automation including mechanical, electrical, and software design.

A joule-heated binary-partitioned nitrol actuator.An example of specific research activities currently in progress:


Control of Nitinol as an actuator is difficult due to the hysteresis in the displacement when heating and cooling. By activating partitions of the Nitinol wire fully as when transistors are used as switches a more robust control can be accomplished.

The electrical connections for the partitions require an optimization of thermal and mechanical properties to best perform its function.

Preliminary project definitions:

  • Robotic sorting of plastic containers from other recyclable materials
  • Robotic sorting of plastic containers by type


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