Undergraduate Program

The Mechanical Engineering (ME) undergraduate program at UAB features small class sizes and the opportunity for one-on-one interactions between faculty members and students. The curriculum is designed to get students proficient in mechanical engineering science, with a mixture of mostly theoretical and mostly lab-based courses that explore all facets of mechanical engineering applications. During the senior year, a comprehensive design experience allows students to project, build, and test a mechanical device, while learning to work in groups and to overcome "real-life" obstacles (cost overruns, fabrication schedule delays, etc.).

For more details on the ME undergraduate curriculum, please visit the UAB Undergraduate catalog.

Honors Program

Student looking through microscope.The honors program is intended to enrich educational opportunities for talented Mechanical Engineering undergraduates.

Honors research beyond the required six hours may be applied as graduate credit. Three credit hours of honors research may be applied to replace one of the three required undergraduate electives in the standard ME curriculum.

Students who complete the honors program with a minimum GPA of 3.0 will receive a bachelor's degree in ME "with Honors" in addition to any University honors designations.


Students who have earned a GPA of at least 3.25; have completed MA 227 (Calculus III) or EGR 265 (Math Tools for Engineering Problem Solving); and receive departmental endorsement are invited to participate in an engineering honors program. Invitations are extended by the Dean's office during spring semester of each year.


Honors programs require nine credit hours of honors coursework.

  • Students enroll in EGR 301 Honors Research I, a one-hour course, no later than junior year.
  • Students enroll in two one-hour seminars (ME 494) which can be taken at any time in their course of study.
  • Students complete six hours of credit in departmental honors research (ME 496).


For more information about Engineering Honors Programs, contact the Undergraduate Program Director.





Student Groups

Student Groups