Exchange Program

village in Offenburg, GermanyThe School of Engineering has established and exchange partnership with Offenburg University of Applied Sciences. Founded in 1964 as a "National School of Engineering," Offenburg University of Applied Sciences quickly established itself as a high-performance educational institution with a practical orientation. Today the university forms a thriving community, with more than 4,500 students on two campuses. UAB students will be joined by students from other Alabama universities as part of this exchange program.

Students at Offenburg University benefit from the advantages of a more intimate campus environment - smaller classes, individual supervision and support by faculty and staff, hands-on teaching, and close integration with the regional economy. It enjoys consistently high rankings and as a reformed technical college has been awarded by the Association for the Promotion of Science and Humanities in Germany. For more information about Offenburg University please visit the Offenburg University website.

  • Eligibility
    • Mechanical engineering students, juniors (preferred), or seniors
    • Students must have a minimum GPA of 3.0.
    • Successful candidates will demonstrate academic success, maturity, and a desire to experience another culture.
  • Program Courses

    The courses for this exchange program have been carefully selected to be compatible with the Mechanical Engineering curriculum. Courses will be taught in English. Students would also be expected to take a course on German Culture and Society to round out the foreign study experience.

    In addition to the exchange program, German language courses are offered at Hermann-Hesse-Kolleg in Horb, Germany, prior to the start of courses at Offenburg University for an additional cost. An 8-week course or a 4-week course is offered focusing on German language training as well as guided tours to local areas and homestay accommodation with a German host. It is recommended that students take at least the 4-week course.

  • Program Costs

    UAB students pay UAB tuition and fees for a full time student equal to 12 hours (based on their residency status) for semester programs. Students will not pay tuition to the host university but may pay other fees and are also responsible for their meals, books, housing, and airfare. Costs for the optional German language course in Horb are not included in the exchange program expenses.

  • Location

    Offenburg, Germany

    Located in the Black Forest region of the Baden-Wurttemburg state of Germany, Offenburg takes pride in its historical city center with baroque scenery, various hiking and cycling trails, and a variety of cultural events. Historical sites are abundant around town, blending Offenburg's past with modern German culture. Nearby cities such as Strasbourg (France) and Freiburg are a quick train ride away, and further travel opportunities within Europe are easily accessible.

  • Accomodations

    Students will be fully assisted with finding accommodations in Offenburg. Depending on capacity, students will be placed in a student residence or in private housing. For specific details, visit the Accommodation Information webpage.

  • Excursions

    A variety of activities and excursions are offered by Offenburg University to connect students to the local German and international communities at the school. An international buddy program has been established to help all incoming students with the transition to living in Germany and to meet fellow students.

  • Visa Requirements
    • U.S. Citizens with a valid passport traveling to Germany for short visits of 90 days or less do not need visas to enter Germany.
    • U.S. Citizens staying longer than 90 days will need to obtain a student visa (semester study will require a visa).
    • Students must work directly with the German Consulate in Atlanta, GA, to obtain visa and receive for more information regarding application process, forms, and appointment scheduling.
    • Non-U.S. Citizens must check on visa requirements for visits of any duration in Germany.


If you have questions about the Engineering Exchange Program, please contact the Office of Education Abroad or visit the Offenburg University Incoming Students webpage.