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Business & Engineering 360 358D
(205) 975-3271

Research and Teaching Interests: Metallurgy; alloy solidification; microstructure characterization

Office Hours: By appointment only


  • B.S., Iowa State University, Materials Engineering
  • M.S., Iowa State University, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Ph.D., Northwestern University, Materials Science and Engineering

Amber Genau joined the Materials Science and Engineering faculty at UAB in 2010. Before moving to Birmingham, Dr. Genau spent two years as a guest scientist at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) in Cologne, Germany, working in the Institute for Material Physics in Space. She continues to collaborate with German colleagues on various projects, and regularly organizes faculty-led study abroad trips to Germany for UAB engineering students.

Dr. Genau’s research is focused on the solidification behavior of metal alloys and characterizing complex microstructures in two and three dimensions. This work includes directional solidification of metals under carefully controlled conditions, microscopy, image analysis, and collaboration with simulation experts. The goal of this research is to be able to better understand and predict the behavior of multi-phase, multi-component alloys during and after freezing.

Recent Courses

  • MSE 281: Physical Materials I
  • MSE 381: Physical Materials II
  • MSE 490/590: The Evolution of Engineering Materials - Study abroad course taught in Germany
  • MSE 623/723: Solidification
  • HY 106/107: World History and Technology

Select Publications

  • J. Hötzer, P. Steinmetz, A. Dennstedt, A. Genau, M. Kellner, I. Sargin, B. Nestler. Influence of growth velocity variations on the pattern formation during the directional solidification of ternary eutectic Al-Ag-Cu, Acta Materialia, 136 (2017) 335-346.
  • E.A. Rivera, A. Catalina, A.L. Genau, Alloying effects on graphite spacing in gray iron, Intl J Cast Metal Res, 29.5 (2016) 252-257.
  • J. Hötzer, P. Steinmetz, M. Jainta, S. Schulz, M. Kellner, B. Nestler, A. Dennstedt, A. Genau, M. Bauer, H. Köstler, U. Rüde, Phase-field simulations of spiral growth during directional ternary eutectic solidification, Acta Materialia, 106 (2016) 249-259.
  • I. Sargin, R.E. Napolitano, and A.L. Genau, The post-solidification effects in directionally solidified ternary eutectic Al-Cu-Ag alloys, Journal of Phase Equilibria and Diffusion, 37 (2016) 75-85.
  • A.L. Genau, Materials Camp at UAB: Efficacy of summer camp program as outreach and recruiting tool, in: Proceedings of ASEE Annual Conference, Indianapolis, IN (2014).
  • D. Penny III, T. Davis, G.L. Scullin, E. Shedlarski and A. Genau, Safety First: Enhancing Safety of Industrial Tensile Testing Machines, Iron and Steel Technology; August (2014) 42-45.
  • A.L. Genau, Developing knowledge of world history in engineering students as a component of global competency, in: Proceedings of ASEE Annual Conference, Atlanta (2013).
  • A.L. Genau, A.C. Freedman, L. Ratke, Effect of solidification conditions on fractal dimension of dendrites, J Cryst Growth, 363 (2013) 49-54.
  • A.L. Genau and P.W. Voorhees, The morphological evolution of low volume fraction tin dendrites during coarsening, Met Trans A, 44 (2013) 406-418.

Academic Distinctions & Professional Memberships

  • The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society (TMS)
  • American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE)
  • ASM International
  • UAB President’s Award for Excellent in Teaching, 2017
  • NSF CAREER Award, 2016
  • ASM International Bradley Stoughton Award for Young Teachers, 2014
  • TMS MPMD Young Leader Professional Development Award, 2014

Student Groups

  • Materials Advantage, Advisor
  • American Foundry Society, Advisor
  • Alpha Sigma Mu MSE Honor Society, Advisor