Two men working in the MPAD facility.MSE graduates are employed at public sectors and private sectors with a competitive starting package. UAB MSE graduates are employed in various manufacturing industries, technology developers, R&D consultants, national laboratories, and universities. In addition to pursuing higher studies in their major at different schools, some graduates go to management and law schools. In last five years, the students are recruited at US Steel Corp., Whirlpool Corporation, AGC Automotive Americas, GE Aviation,Pratt and Whitney, Armsted Rail Inc., US Airforce, Sandvik, Arcelor Mittal, Honda Lock, Southern Company/Southern Nuclear, General Motors, Hubbell Power Systems, Reno Refractories, Hatteras Yacht Company, to name a few. Learn more about salaries of materials engineers in the U.S. from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and

You may begin at UAB to land your first job. Check Engineering Career and Professional Development Services page for opportunities. Communicate with the advisors and faculties for hands-on experience at their laboratories and other opportunities, which is not listed in any open resources. If you are interested in graduate study, many opportunities exist at UAB and other universities across the world.