January 13, 2020

Ms. Sahila Sarjana and Mr. Tausif Chy are the 1st and 2nd place awards winners of the STRIDE UTC Student Poster competition. The event was held on 1/13/20 as part of the 99th Transportation Research Board meeting in Washington DC.  Sahila and Tausif are both UAB graduate students pursuing MS degrees with emphasis in transportation. They both work as research graduate assistants at the TRENDLab under the supervision of Dr. Sisiopiku and serve as officers of the UAB ITE student  chapter. 

The topic of Sahila’s winning poster was “Method to Synthesize Transportation Network Companies (TNC)-Aware Population Microdata Sample”.  Tausif’s poster was titled “Examining Temporary Lane Closures Placement Impacts on Freeway Construction Zones Operations”.  Both winning posters are based on studies funded by the STRIDE and ALDOT and led by Dr. Virginia Sisiopiku.  

Brandys Award 10.01.19 1 
Sahila and Tausif at the UF reception, 99th TRB Annual Meeting, Washington, DC