Facilities Activities Committee for ALL Employees (FACE)

The FACE committee (Facilities Activities Committee for ALL Employees) is here to help and support employees with all things having to do with the Facilities Division. The group, comprised of employees from across the Facilities Division, organizes several events during the year to recognize employees and provides a channel of communication from employees to administration.

Contact the FACE committee at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by submitting a suggestion form. 

  • Janice McClinton – Planning, Design & ConstructionFACE members
  • Richard Powell – Grounds
  • Kendal Smith – Planning, Design & Construction
  • Stephanie Thomas – Building Services
  • Clay Boyce – Facilities IT
  • David Seahorn – Campus Maintenance
  • Doug Williams – Hospital Maintenance
  • Lauren Godsey – Facilities Administration
  • Natalie Merrill – Facilities Communications
  • Sharon George – Facilities Human Resources
  • Davy Hancock – Campus Maintenance
  • Julie Allen – Occupational Medicine
  • October – Homecoming ActivitiesService Awards 2016
  • December – All-Hands Meeting
  • February – Service Awards
  • June – Baseball Event
  • July or August – All-Hands Meeting
  • September – Facilities Division Picnic