IMG 5415As UAB continues to enhance its campus facilities, the UAB Facilities Division has created a Tree Evaluation, Preservation and Mitigation Procedure to ensure the preservation of legacy and valuable trees on campus.

“As we continue to densify the campus with more intentional and purposeful open spaces, it is important to understand the many contributing factors trees play in our urban environment,” said Geoff Boyd, Project Manager for Facilities Planning, Design and Construction. “This procedure provides a mechanism which allows us to further communicate that vision.” 

As part of the procedure all trees on campus have been assessed for value, based on age and location. The goals of the procedure are

  • to maintain a net zero loss of trees on campus through preservation and mitigation practices due to construction,
  • to inform all parties involved in construction about the value of trees on campus,
  • to protect trees from the beginning of the construction process until the completion of the project, and
  • to establish procedures to ensure communication among all parties in setting forth expectations concerning tree protection.

The procedure acknowledges that some trees will have to be removed during construction projects, but an appropriate resolution will be determined by adding new trees to the site, upon completion of the project, and/or by adding funds to the University Tree Fund.

“Clearly communicating the priorities of the Tree Evaluation, Preservation, and Mitigation plan to all of the parties involved in the process and receiving feedback is crucial to the success of the plan,” said Tim Sullivan, Manager of Facilities Campus Services and Grounds. “Establishing realistic expectations is the only way we can reach a favorable outcome for all the parties involved most especially our campus trees.”

UAB’s commitment to the preservation of its campus greenspace and trees has earned three annual certifications of Tree Campus USA status from the Arbor Day Foundation. The UAB community can get involved with the preservation effort by donating to the University Tree Fund.

UAB Sustainability will host the annual Arbor Day celebration February 24 at 11 a.m. on the UAB Fine Arts Plaza between Spencer Honors House and the BEC, with information about why trees, healthy soil and water are important to all of us. UAB Campus Services and Grounds will partner with student groups to plant native dogwood trees in the fine arts plaza and give a native tree seedling to attendees with information about Tree Campus USA, planting and care, and general tree information.