Grades for Spring Semseter 2014 must be submitted online by 11:59 p.m. on Monday, April 28th.

  • Please Note: Effective Fall 2013, the last date of attendance is required for grades of 'F'. Enter the date as mm/dd/yyyy. The system will not allow you to proceed until the 'Last Attend Date' is entered for each student receiving an 'F' grade. If you attempt to submit grades without entering the last day of attendance, the following error message is returned: "You have errors on the page. Correct the errors to submit all grades for this record set." An error message is also listed beside the student's name.
  • You can access grade posting by loggin into BlazerNET with your BlazerID and password. The course(s) you are teaching will appear. Make sure you are on the listing for the current term. Click on the A+ icon to view your roster. Select the appropriate grade from the drop-down menu under the Grade column.
  • The is a 90-minute time limit for grade posting once you have entered the roster. By the end of this time limit, you should hit the Submit button; re-enter the roster to continue posting your grades.
  • Your department may have entered grade options incorrectly when creating your course in the catalog. If, for example, you are teaching a course with grade options of only Pass (P) or Fail (F) but you find standard grades of A, B, C, etc., please notify our office about the correction.

If you encounter problems with the online grade posting system and need assistance, please call the Office of Registration and Academic Records at 934-8228 or AskIT at 996-5555.

Click here to view a signed PDF version of this memo from University Registrar Tina L. Collins.