Affordable Instructional Materials (AIM) Grant Application

aim Affordable Instructional Materials Grants for implementation during the upcoming Spring 2020 semester will soon be open for applications. Check back in the next few days!

Applications will be accepted from any instructor of record teaching an academic course at UAB during the Spring 2020 semester. For ideas on how to get started, or to see what other UAB faculty members are already doing, visit this page.

Affordable Instructional Materials (AIM) Grant Applications
Spring 2020 Grant Cycle:

We are currently waiting on confirmation of available funds for this initiative. Once funding is confirmed, we will post the application for Spring 2020 grants. Please check back later.


AIM Initiative Goals and Details: 
The UAB Center for Teaching and Learning and the UAB Bookstore are working together to provide an award of $1500 in professional development funding* to up to ten faculty members who propose and implement plans that save students money on academic course materials. 
Project proposals will be accepted for implementation during an upcoming semester, and funding will be delivered upon completion of the project as well as the submission of a final report survey, which will be provided to faculty near the end of the implementation semester. UAB faculty members can only receive one CTL AIM grant per course and are encouraged to re-apply in subsequent semesters if their submissions are not accepted for funding during this cycle.
AIM Initiative proposals will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Impact on freshman, undergraduate, or graduate students in UAB academic courses
  • Number of students impacted across all semesters
  • Estimated amount of money to be saved by students
  • Project sustainability (faculty are expected to continue cost-saving measures every semester after implementation, however, grant funds are only awarded for the first semester of implementation)
  • Project transferability
  • Creativity and/or variety of cost-saving method(s)

AIM Initiative Deliverables:
If a grant application is accepted for funding, in collaboration (as needed) with support staff from the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL), the UAB Bookstore, UAB eLearning, UAB IT, and UAB Libraries, the recipient will:

  • Implement the plan as submitted to save students money on academic course materials. Significant deviations from the plan must be approved by the Center for Teaching and Learning.
  • As the implementation semester comes to an end, you will fill out a final report which outlines the actual savings compared to the estimated savings.  This will be a relatively short Qualtrics survey that will arrive via email near the end of the implementation semester. If the AIM initiative was successfully implemented as described in the grant application, $1500 in professional development funds* will be transferred upon a review of the final report.
  • Agree to continue to use any cost-saving methods implemented this semester as part of this grant in subsequent semesters.
  • Agree to serve as a resource for other UAB faculty members who may need assistance implementing their own Affordable Instructional Materials projects.  This can be as simple as discussions and meetings with faculty in your area, or for more successful projects, presenting information on your project at a future Center for Teaching and Learning workshop.

Professional development funds are funds that will be transferred to a UAB account within a department or unit that faculty can use for UAB-approved purchases, such as technology, travel, or professional development.


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