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August 29, 2017

The office of the University Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) are pleased to announce the addition of three new QEP Fellows. “QEP Fellows play a critical role in advancing the QEP through enhancing the educational programming offered by the CTL and providing enthusiasm for team-oriented pedagogies” said Dickinson, Director of the QEP. These UAB faculty will join the current four QEP Fellows in helping to deliver educational content through the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL). This will include presenting seminars and interactive workshops, providing peer mentoring with faculty who want to enhance their courses, and developing other activities for the CTL to enhance the QEP.

These three will be joining the four current QEP Fellows Drs. Will Brooks, Chris Eidson, Ariel Gil and Ken Gunnells. The QEP Fellows report jointly to the directors of the CTL and QEP, and receive a modest stipend.

Annetta Dolowitz Joining the QEP Fellows is Annetta Dolowitz, MPH, MSW, and instructor in both the Collat School of Business and the School of Public Health. Annetta is an expert on team-based learning™ and brings with her an infectious enthusiasm for improving team-based learning in a broad range of classes.

Anthony Hood Anthony C. Hood, PhD, is an associate professor in the Collat School of Business where he conducts research on psychological safety, communication, and conflict in teams. Having recently completed a course in Design Thinking at Stanford University, he is eager to incorporate these principles into his QEP activities. Anthony brings a deep expertise of the science of teams, including its assessment, and will be of particular value to the QEP’s efforts.

Jenelle Hodges Jenelle Hodges, PhD, is an instructor and instructional designer in the School of Education. Jenelle brings with her expertise in both team behavior vs. group behavior, and has particular experience in translating teamwork to the online environment. Jenelle is also the recipient of a CTL-QEP Teaching Innovation Grant.

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