innovationIn most educational environments, educators can use technology to make their classes more engaging, more accessible, and more effective. At the UAB Center for Teaching and Learning we know that technology is only a tool and as with any tool, classroom technology is most effective when it is used correctly and when it is paired with good teaching. In our "Teaching Innovation" series, workshops are focused on combining good teaching and the use of both technology and non-technology classroom innovations that faculty can use to help students learn.

No prior tech knowledge is required to participate, and these sessions will not be a replacement for technology training offered by UAB eLearning and Professional Studies. We hope you'll join us at the CTL as we explore the tips and tricks that help the most innovative teachers succeed.

For more information about this workshop series, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the UAB Center for Teaching and Learning.

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"Innovate Your Classes" by Brian C. Moon

Are you getting tired of the same old routine when it comes to your teaching? This workshop will examine specific ways that UAB faculty are innovating their courses across UAB. For this presentation, we'll be looking at ways that faculty are innovating in the areas of:

Grading (Dr. Peter Jones, Assistant Professor with the Department of Political Science and Public Administration)
Gamification (Dr. Neena Xavier, Assistant Professor with the School of Health Professions)
Affordable Instructional Materials (Dr. Samiksha Raut, Assistant Professor with the Department of Biology)

Join us to gain inspiration, to learn from faculty who have implemented these elements in their courses, or to discuss new things you are trying or would like to try.


“Gamification” by Brian C. Moon

This gamified workshop will introduce ways that faculty can use components of gaming in their courses to encourage student engagement and participation. We will also discuss the gamification model used at the UAB Center for Teaching and Learning and what we have learned from its implementation.


“Using Video in Your Classes” by Brian C. Moon

Based on the research of Derek Muller, this workshop seeks to challenge the way we think about using video in academic classes. Not to be confused with a training session for a specific tool, we will be discussing how you should/shouldn’t be using video for your online or on-campus courses and briefly discussion various video resources that are available to UAB faculty.


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