DSS Faculty Guide: Testing Administration

The most commonly used accommodations are those associated with taking an exam.  For many students with disabilities, taking exams without accommodations will not result in a fair evaluation of the student’s knowledge and abilities.

When a student is determined eligible for testing accommodations they are provided with a packet of information for their instructor. It is the student's responsibility to discuss their needs with each instructor and determine if the student will test in the classroom, the Testing Administration Center (TAC), or an alternate location agreed on by the student and instructor.

Students who utilize testing accommodations at DSS are instructed to:
  1. Submit a Proctor Approval Request Form.
    • If an instructor and student have determined that DSS will proctor the exams, students are required to submit an electronic Proctor Approval Request Form to the instructor.  Completing this form will send an e-mail to the instructor with directions for how he or she can submit their proctor approval to DSS.
    • Students should only submit this form instructor if the instructor has indicated that he or she wants the test to be proctored at DSS. This form should not be sent to the instructor until after the student has met one-on-one with him or her to discuss accommodations. Only one proctor form is required per course. A form is not required for each test.
  2. Remind the instructor prior to EACH TEST that they will be taking the test in DSS.  Remind them at least 3 days in advance so they can make arrangements.
  3. Schedule test time with DSS at least two working days in advance and be on time.