The UAB Purchasing Card (P-Card) program is designed to be a flexible form of payment that permits UAB employees to place orders for allowable purchases.

Policies and Procedures

The policies and procedures governing the UAB P-Card program are designed to protect both the P-Card user and the University. Participation in the UAB P-Card program is considered a privilege and all P-Card users are expected to adhere to established policies and procedures.

Program Contacts

Obtaining card, transaction management: email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Allowable purchase questions: email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • How To Obtain a P-Card

    UAB offers two P-Card types:

    • Individual

      UAB offers individual P-Cards to eligible UAB employees. The cards are issued in the employee’s name and may only be used by the employee. Personal credit history is not affected nor is it used to determine eligibility.

      Eligible Employee Categories

      • 01 Full Time Regular
      • 03 Part Time Regular
      • 07 Interns and/or Residents
      • 12 Three Twelve Hour Shift
      • 20 Postdoctoral Scholar Trainee
      • 21 Postdoctoral Scholar Employee
      • 59 Affiliated Employees

      P-Cards are issued in accordance with the employee’s primary assignment at the time of approval. Human Resources actions including a change in job title or responsibilities, transfer to another UAB organization or termination of employment may result in the card being disabled.

    • Organization

      UAB offers organization P-Cards. The cards are issued in the organization’s name and a responsible cardholder assigned.

      Eligible Employee Categories

      • 01 Full Time Regular
      • 12 Three Twelve Hour Shift
      • 59 Affiliated Employees

      UAB organizations must develop internal controls to manage card access and transaction management. A P-Card Form Toolkit is available to assist in creating these internal controls:

      • P-Card Agreement – recommended that all individuals with access to an organization card sign the agreement and the signed agreement kept on file in the UAB organization.
    • Applying for a P-Card

      To apply for a P-Card, please complete the P-Card Application and Agreement* form and follow the instructions on the form for submitting.

      The applicant will be required to obtain the signature from the organization’s VP, Dean, or Designee for approval as identified in Workflow Approval Maintenance (WAM).

      How to Find P-Card Authorizers and Approvers in WAM Video Tutorial

      Step-by-Step Instructions:

  • Managing P-Card

    UAB utilizes Regions Intersect for card management including the review (proxy) and approval (approver) of all P-Card transactions.

    Changes to the P-Card including responsible cardholder (organization card), proxy addition/deletion, credit limit increases, single transaction limit increases, etc. are requested using the P-Card Account Maintenance Form.

    • Training Resources

      The below training will assist users with Regions Intersect navigation and managing P-Card details including monthly statements, available balance inquiry, and pending transactions.

      Managing P-Cards in Region Intersect Video Tutorial

      Step-by-Step Instructions:

    • FAQs

      Q: How do I dispute a P-Card transaction?

      • Attempt to resolve the dispute with the vendor
      • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
      • Code as unallowable. (See FAQ below for guidance.)

      Q: How do I know the card limits (e.g. credit, single transaction, velocity) or available balance?
      A: Contact the card issuer using the phone number listed on the back of the card.

      Q: Who do I contact if my card is compromised, lost, or stolen?
      A: Contact P-Card Services.

      Q: How do I gain access to Intersect?
      A: All individuals with the role of cardholder, proxy, or approver, are set up in Intersect. UAB P-Card Services will create accounts and users will be notified by email. Download first-time login instructions.

      Q: How do I access my monthly account statement?
      A: Notifications are sent via email to the cardholder for individual cards and those designated on the P-Card Application. Statements may also be accessed via Intersect.

  • Making P-Card Purchases

    The P-Card can be used anywhere that accepts Visa. However, the card users will be responsible for understanding cardholder responsibilities, purchase restrictions and securing supporting documentation for each P-Card purchase.

    • Resources for Identifying Allowable Purchases
      • P-Card Suggested and Prohibited Uses
        • Though not all-inclusive, this listing provides suggested and prohibited uses of P-Card.
      • UAB Expenditure Guidelines Matrix
        • This matrix is intended to assist the user in identifying the appropriate method of payment for common university expenditures.
      • Listing of Active UAB Contracts
        • According to the Alabama Bid Law, commodities including goods, labor and nonprofessional services that exceed the spending threshold of $15,000 must be contracted with the university. The benefit of these contracts ensures that the competitive pricing is available to all entities on campus who plan to purchase one of these commodities.
      • BuyUAB
        • Unless otherwise restricted within a catalog (i.e. furniture is a prohibited category within Amazon Business), the vendors within BuyUAB are all approved / contracted vendors of UAB.
    • Training
      • P-Card Training in the LMS System (Search the LMS catalog for “P-Card Cardholder Training - PCARD_001”)
        • This formal training provides an overview of P-Card policies, procedures, uses, and restrictions. This training is available to all who use the P-Card, but is required for individual Cardholders and organization Responsible Cardholders.
    • FAQs

      Q: Is there a list of suggested and prohibited uses for the P-Card?
      A: Yes, though not all-inclusive, you can access a list of P-Card Suggested and Prohibited Uses.

      Q: Can the P-Card be used to pay other UAB departments?
      A: No, a journal entry must be processed to pay internal departments.

      Q: Can the P-Card be used for travel expenses?
      A: Yes, but the university travel guidelines still apply. Itemized receipts are required for P-Card travel.

      Travel Status Can I use the P-Card? Related Information
      In-State Travel (non-state sponsored) No N/A
      In-State Travel (state-sponsored) No N/A
      Out-of-State Travel Yes Meals (itemized receipts are required)
      Foreign Travel Yes Meals (itemized receipts are required)

  • Reconciling/Approving Transactions

    P-Card Transactions are reconciled in Regions Intersect. The responsibility for reconciling transactions is dependent on the user type within Intersect. The various user types and roles are defined in the following chart:

    Type* Role Regions Intersect Login Required
    Authorized User Responsible for securing all required documentation for card purchases No
    Cardholder/Proxy Responsible for card transaction management:
    • Receipt upload
    • Expense allocation
    • Business purpose
    Submit transaction for organization approval
    Approver (Organization) Review transaction for approval Yes
    Approver (Central) Review transaction for approval Yes

    For a transaction to be reviewed and approved, the cardholder must provide the Oracle account string(s) the transaction should be tied to, a business purpose statement and supporting documentation in accordance with UAB documentation guidelines.

    • Training Resources

      The below training will assist Cardholders, Proxies and Approvers with reviewing and approving P-Card transactions in Regions Intersect.

      Cardholder and Proxy Training

      Cardholder and Proxy Transaction Review Video Tutorial

      Step-by-Step Instructions:


      Approvers Transaction Review/Approval Video Tutorial

      Step-by-Step Instructions:

    • FAQs

      Using the P-Card

      Q: What if I lost my receipt and/or required documentation?
      A: Obtain a Purchasing Card (P-Card) Missing Documentation Affidavit. Financial Affairs management may take action if this affidavit is excessively used.

      Q: What kind of documentation do I need for a P-Card transaction?
      A: Supporting documentation must be an invoice or receipt with the following information:

      • Vendor Name
      • Items Purchased
      • Cost for Each Item
      • Total Transaction Amount

      If used for a registration fee, the conference agenda/itinerary (including dates, where the conference is being held and a detailed schedule of events) is required.

      If used for entertainment or business meals, a list of attendees is required.

      Q: Whoops! Personal charge on my P-Card?
      A: You and your department have two options to resolve personal P-Card purchases:

      Code the transaction as unallowable and reimburse UAB (see FAQ below for guidance).

      Attempt to have the charge credited back to the P-Card.

      Q: How do I process unallowable charges?
      A: In intersect on the transaction line you will:

      • Code 333644.01.01.2018232.10 in the PTAO box.
      • 8609998 in the Expenditure Type box.
      • Attach supporting documentation as receipt.
      • Make sure that you submit the transaction.
      • Issue a personal check, cashier's check, money order, or cash to UAB for the unallowable total and submit a deposit slip with the unallowable account number to AB 160.

      Q: Do international transactions have fees?
      A: Yes, the total will be different than the amount shown in Intersect due to an additional fee. The International fee schedule is as follows:

      • Transactions which originate and settle in a different currency are subject to Visa’s standard foreign conversion rate of 1%.
      • Transactions which originate and settle in the same currency but occur across borders are subject to Visa’s 0.8% conversion rate.

      The International fees follow the same account (PTAO)/object code as the original charge.

      P-Card Usage for Grant Accounts

      Q: What do I do if a transaction posts to a grant account that is ending soon?
      A: The PTAO is only available for selection in Intersect through the grant award date. The P-Card transaction must be fully approved before the award end date.

      Q: What do I do if my grant transaction is not fully approved by the award end date?
      A: The reviewer (proxy) will select a general ledger type account for the transaction. Once the P-Card expense posts for the prior month billing cycle, prepare a cost transfer to move the transaction from the GL to the award.

      Accessing and Using Intersect

      Q: How do I gain access to Intersect?
      A: All individuals with the role of cardholder, proxy, or approver, are set up in Intersect. UAB P-Card Services will create accounts and users will be notified by email. Download first-time login instructions.

      Q: How will I know that P-Card transactions have posted to Intersect?
      A: Email notifications are sent to individuals designated as proxy or an approver once a transaction has posted.

      Q: How often should transactions be reconciled in Intersect?
      A: Review and approve transactions as quickly as possible (at least weekly) to ensure that all approvals have been obtained by the deadline of the 10th of the month following the end of the billing period.

      Q: Can a P-Card transaction be changed in Intersect once submitted?
      A: Yes, your approver can uncheck the review box up to the 10th of the following month. If it is already fully approved (by central), email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

      Q: There is a charge on my Oracle account statement from a P-Card transaction that isn’t mine. What should I do?
      A: If you have access to the card, review the transaction in Intersect. If you do not have access to the card in Intersect, transaction approvals and business purpose are included in the journal entry support in OptiDoc. After review if you have determined the charge is not yours, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the transaction ID, account number, and object code.

      Q: When should I expect my transaction to hit Oracle?
      A: P-Card transactions post in the month following the transaction, typically between the 15th and the end of the month.