P-Card: Individual

Contact: Executive Director of Procurement, (205) 934-4515

UAB offers individual P-Cards to eligible UAB employees. The cards are issued in the employee’s name and may only be used by the employee. Personal credit history is not affected nor is it used to determine eligibility.

Employee Eligibility

  • 01 Full Time Regular
  • 03 Part Time Regular
  • 07 Interns and/or Residents
  • 12 Three Twelve Hour Shift
  • 20 Postdoctoral Scholar Trainee
  • 21 Postdoctoral Scholar Employee
  • 59 Affiliated Employees

P-Cards are issued in accordance with the employee’s primary assignment at the time of approval. Human Resources actions including a change in job title or responsibilities, transfer to another UAB organization or termination of employment may result in the card being disabled.

P-Card Transaction Management

P-Card transactions are managed using Regions Intersect.

Applying for an Individual P-Card

Submit the P-Card Application and Agreement to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • The P-Card Application must be signed by the individual(s) assigned to the PCARD-AUTHORIZE path on the Workflow Approval Maintenance (WAM) form. A link to WAM is available on the adminsys website.
  • The P-Card Agreement must be signed by the cardholder.