P-Card: Organization

Contact: Executive Director of Procurement, (205) 934-4515

UAB offers organization P-Cards. The cards are issued in the organization’s name and a responsible cardholder assigned.

Responsible Cardholder Eligibility

  • 01 Full Time Regular
  • 12 Three Twelve Hour Shift
  • 59 Affiliated Employees

UAB organizations must develop internal controls to manage card access and transaction management. A P-Card Form Toolkit is available to assist in creating these internal controls:

  • P-Card Agreement – recommended that all individuals with access to an organization card sign the agreement and the signed agreement kept on file in the UAB organization.

P-Card Transaction Management

P-Card transactions are managed using Regions Intersect.

Applying for an Individual P-Card

Submit the P-Card Application and Agreement to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • The P-Card Application must be signed by the individual(s) assigned to the PCARD-AUTHORIZE path on the Workflow Approval Maintenance (WAM) form. A link to WAM is available on the adminsys website.
  • The P-Card Agreement must be signed by the cardholder.