Hospital Kronos Meal Break Attestation Project Overview

UAB Medicine is continually working to create a transparent, streamlined, and effective work environment for our employees. In an effort to ensure we accurately account for worked time and meal breaks, non-exempt employees using UAB Hospital Kronos with a meal break auto-deduction will begin to acknowledge (attest) whether or not a meal break was taken during a work shift when punching out for the day.

A meal break auto-deduction is occurs when an employee works more than a defined number of consecutive hours. Unpaid meal time is automatically deducted from their paid work hours by the timekeeping system based on their assigned meal plan. Currently, UAB Hospital Kronos has approximately 8,600 non-exempt employees, with over 90% of employees having a 30-minute deduction when they work more than 5 consecutive hours. There are 3% of employees who have a 60-minute auto-deduction meal plan. The remaining 7% do not have an auto-deduction meal plan and are required to clock out and in for meals (similar to UA Health Services Foundation, UAB Health System, and the majority of the UAB campus employees).

The Kronos Attestation institutional-wide project (ATK) gave us an opportunity to leverage a common solution for both Campus and Hospital. Both of us face similar compliance and administrative challenges with auto-meal break validation. This unified solution for the enterprise with provides an opportunity to streamline support and maintenance. In addition, it lowers administrative burden and improves accuracy for both staff and managers by empowering staff to proactively attest to their meal break, and makes auto-deduction visible on their timecards. Managers need only intervene to address exceptional situations.

The Kronos teams worked with an implementation partner and have developed a communication plan, training materials, and job aids to assist employees and managers with this change. What is the clock change? There is no change at clocking in. Impacted employees will select an End Shift button when clocking out and then swipe their badge. This will trigger a question asking the employee about taking their meal break. If they took their standard required meal break, they answer yes and the punch out is created and no further action is required. If the employee answers no, it asks for the employee to select a predefined reason why they didn’t take a meal break and the punch out is created and no further action is required.

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