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Axiom: Approving Axiom Plan Files
Greenphire Approver
Greenphire Site Coordinator
How To: Check the Status of a Contract
How To: Initiate a Contract
How To: Review and Approve Contracts
How To: Upload Documents and Submit the Contract
INSITE Accessing the Space Survey
INSITE Add Survey Collaborator(s)
INSITE Block Coding a Field Value
INSITE Copy Values from this Record
INSITE Floor Plans Overview
INSITE Function Info Tab
INSITE Grant Info Tab
INSITE Occupancy Info Tab
INSITE Principal Investigator Info Tab
INSITE Reassigning a Room
INSITE Room Info Tab
INSITE Space Survey Homepage
INSITE Supported Rooms Tab
iProcurement: Adding Items to Your Cart from a Punchout Store
iProcurement: Adding Items to Your Cart with Non-Catalog Request
iProcurement: Copying a Requisition
iProcurement: Creating a Blanket Requisition
iProcurement: Creating a Requisition for Controlled Substances
iProcurement: Creating a Requisition for Radioactive Materials
iProcurement: Creating GL Account & Object Code Combinations
iProcurement: Deleting a Requisition
iProcurement: Editing and Adding Requisition Lines
iProcurement: Entering GA Accounts
iProcurement: Entering GL Accounts
iProcurement: Entering Split Distributions Using GA and GL Accounts
iProcurement: Retrieving a Requisition
iProcurement: Setting Preferences
iProcurement: Shopping Cart Checkout
iProcurement: Viewing and Approving Requisitions
Late Effort Report Certification
OnBase: Importing Documentation from the Purchase Order Requisition Form
OnBase: Service Center Backup Documentation
Oracle FN: How to Create the UAB Transaction Download for GL Account String(s)
Oracle FN: How to Enter Header Parameters for the UAB Transaction Download
Oracle FN: How to Run the Drilldown Report for UAB $ Balances
Oracle FN: How to Use the Query Function in the Journals Menu Option
Oracle FN: How to View Account Statements Using UAB $ Balances
Oracle FN: How to View Report Output in UAB Transaction Download
Oracle FN: How to View the TASC Form for a GL Account String
Oracle HR: Creating and Submitting Salary Reclass Documents
Oracle HR: How to Certify Effort Reports in the Oracle Personal Worklist
Oracle HR: How to Run an HR Adhoc Report
Oracle HR: How to View Salary and Costing Data
Oracle HR: How to View Salary Distributions by Document
Oracle HR: View and Track Effort Reports
P-Card: Locating P-Card Authorizers and Approvers in WAM
P-Card: View and Edit Proxies
Paying: How to Set Up a Direct Deposit
Paying: How to Set Up Tax Withholding Forms
Payment Requests: Completing the Documentation Form
Payment Requests: Creating Wires Using Payment Requests
Payment Requests: Editing, Copy, & Canceling Data
Payment Requests: Employee Travel
Payment Requests: Entering the Account Distributions
Payment Requests: Entering the Header Information
Payment Requests: Entering the Invoice
Payment Requests: Finding Check Information for a Payment Request
Payment Requests: Finding/Retrieving Payment Requests
Payment Requests: Reassigning Payment Requests
Payment Requests: Submitting Your Request
PCARD Review: Importing Documentation to OnBase
PCARD Review: Transaction Review (Cardholders & Proxies)
Recertification of Effort
RezDesk: Adding a Travel Arranger
RezDesk: Booking Travel
RezDesk: View/Update Profile
Running Inventory Reports in Oracle
Running PIE in GA End User
Running PIE in GL End User
Sunflower: Updating Inventory Asset Locations

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