Spring 2019

Sarah Dulson 

Sarah Dulson

Attending the Midwinter Conference of Immunologists was an indispensable opportunity for my scientific career. I was able to meet and form professional relationships with leading scientists in my field. I felt honored to be awarded the American Association of Immunologists "Ray Owen Young Investigator Award" for my oral presentation at the conference. I am beyond grateful to the GBS Program for supporting my attendance and allowing me to represent UAB at this national conference.  



Justin Gibson 

Justin GibsonWith funding from the GBS travel grant I was able to attend the 2019 American Association for Cancer Research meeting, one of the largest annual cancer-related meetings in the country. Travel to this meeting allowed me to not only present my research, but to also attend a research career fair. At the career fair I had the opportunity to network with potential employers in various sectors, including academia, industry, and publishing.



Jennifer Valcin

Jennifer ValcinWith the assistance of the UAB GBS Travel Award, I was able to attend the 2019 Gordon Research Conference: Alcohol- Induced End Organ Diseases in Ventura, CA and share some of my thesis research in a short talk and poster entitled: “Impact of chronic alcohol and hepatocyte circadian clock disruption on diurnal rhythms of lipid droplet-associated genes and hepatic steatosis in mice”. This meeting was an outstanding setting for networking. I was afforded the chance to interact with many different leaders in the field of alcohol research, gaining feedback regarding my project, and making valuable connections that may lead to a postdoctoral position in the near future. The meeting also featured a one-day research seminar that focused on career development at every stage. Attending the GRC: Alcohol-Induced End Organ Diseases meeting was a tremendous opportunity for both my scientific and professional development.



Fall 2018

Ashlyn Anderson

A Anderson

The GBS/GBSO travel award granted me the ability to attend the Autumn Immunology Conference (AIC) in Chicago, IL. My project focuses on the mechanisms of neuroinflammation, specifically driven by Th17 cells in the animal model of Multiple Sclerosis. This conference not only had specific session on neuroinflammation, but also held an outbreak session where graduate students from other universities presented on their current research. I was able to ask questions during this session as well as interact with these students during the poster sessions. During my poster presentation, I was asked many questions and given a surplus of ideas that will help me progress my project. AIC also hosted very influential names in the neuroimmunology field such as Drs. Akiko Iwasaki, Marco Colonna, Jun Huh and Jonathan Kipnis. I am considering the laboratory of Dr. Kipnis for a future postdoctoral position, so seeing him present and his current research was a great opportunity. This grant awarded me the opportunity to interact with fellow students and faculty within the field of neuroimmunology as well as expand my knowledge in other fields of immunology such as metabolism, glycobiology and immune-mediated signaling.


Dustin Revell

Action Shot of me at ASCB PhotoCreb MRBThe GBS Travel Award allowed me to attend the National American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB)The GBS Travel Award allowed me to attend the National American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB)meeting in San Diego, CA in 2018. Attending the ASCB meeting allowed me to present my research toother people from similar as well as very different fields and helped me to establish professionalconnections which may benefit my future career. Importantly to me, as I plan to go into industryfollowing graduate school, attending ASCB allowed me to interact and network with prominentindividuals from companies such as Nikon, Leica, Zeiss, Hamamatsu, and many others; this will directlybenefit me as I now know individuals in each of those companies which I may be able to contact forfuture work opportunities.


 Hai Vo 

Hai Vo Travel Award Pic Fall 2018

With the support of the GBS Travel Award, I was able to attend the Society for Neuroscience’s (SfN) 2018 Annual Meeting in San Diego, CA. That opportunity was invaluable in staging the next steps of my career. Through the various professional workshops held at SfN, I learned a great deal about different strategies to approach networking, teaching, and career planning. I was also able to expand my network by meeting graduate students, post-doctoral researchers, and principal investigators from around the world. The award also helped me present and get feedback on new data from my lab that will be submitted for publication soon. I think that the GBS Travel Award provided a great opportunity to not only raise my scientific profile, but that of my lab’s as well. 


  Richard Sanchez

R Sanchez Fall 2018 recipient sfn2018

The GBSO travel award provided me an opportunity to present my latest research to among collegueas in my field as well as future mentors. Attending SFN through this travel award has additionally provided me with an opportunity to network among other neuroscientist and expand my career options