GBS Affiliated Faculty


Biochemistry & Structural Biology (BSB)

  • Dr. Anupam Agarwal - Mechanisms of acute kidney injury
  • Dr. Steve Aller - Understanding structure & function of membrane proteins (XRC & cryo-EM)
  • Dr. Shannon Bailey - Liver physiology & pathophysiology, energy metabolism, circadian biology
  • Dr. Ronadip Banerjee - Pancreatic beta-cell biology, diabetes mellitus, endocrinology, genetics
  • Dr. Jarrod Barnes - How metabolic dysregulation impacts glycosylation and pulmonary disease
  • Dr. David Bedwell -Approaches to suppress nonsense mutations to treat genetic diseases
  • Dr. Susan Bellis - Cancer cell biology, mouse models of cancer, and tumor immunology
  • Dr. Sushant Bhatnagar - Type 2 Diabetes, Islet Biology, Insulin Secretion, GPCR signaling
  • Dr. Mary-Ann Bjornsti - Cancer therapeutics, DNA topoisomerases, SUMO conjugation, yeast genetics
  • Dr. Subhashini Bolisetty - Inflammatory and repair mechanisms during acute kidney injury
  • Dr. Jianzhong Chen - Lipidomics, proteomics, mass spectrometry, vision science, body fluids
  • Dr. Yabing Chen - Translational research on cardiovascular disease and cancer
  • Dr. Igor Chesnokov - DNA replication and cell cycle progression in eukaryotes. Cytokinesis.
  • Dr. Louise Chow - Patholobiology of human papillomaviruses and drug discovery
  • Dr. Constanza Cortes Rodriguez - Novel mechanisms of healthy brain aging and Alzheimer's disease
  • Dr. Lisa Curtis - The effect of sex and age on cellular mechanisms of acute kidney injury
  • Dr. Randall Davis - Cellular/molecular immunology; malig hematology (leukemia/lymphoma/myeloma)
  • Dr. Champion Deivanayagam - Structural biology study of microbial virulence factors
  • Dr. Jessy Deshane - Immune regulation of asthma and lung cancer, Immuneregulation by microbiota
  • Dr. Terje Dokland - Virus and bacteriophage structure and assembly, cryo-electron microscopy
  • Dr. Remo George - Use of sodium iodide symporter for cancer molecular imaging and therapy
  • Dr. Michael Gray - Bacterial oxidative / starvation stress response, host-microbe interactions
  • Dr. Todd Green - Viral replication and autobodies related to IgA nephopathy
  • Dr. Alecia Gross - Molecular mechanisms of protein trafficking and retinal degenerations
  • Dr. Rafael Grytz - Ocular biomechanics including growth and remodeling mechanisms in the eye
  • Dr. Kirk Habegger - Neuroendocrine regulation of energy, glucose and lipid metabolism
  • Dr. John Hartman - Yeast phenomic models of human disease
  • Dr. Quamarul Hassan - Chromatin Remodeling, non-coding RNA, transcription regulation, and bone formation
  • Dr. Hui Hu - T cell differentiation, humoral responses, memory, infection, vaccines
  • Dr. Chad Hunter - Transcriptional regulation of metabolic tissue development and function
  • Dr. Douglas Hurst - Molecular mechanisms of breast cancer progression and metastasis
  • Dr. Kai Jiao - Genetic and epigenetic regulation of mammalian heart development
  • Dr. Kim Keeling - Finding new treatment options for rare genetic diseases
  • Dr. Eugenia Kharlampieva - Polymers for drug delivery and regenerative medicine
  • Dr. Suzanne Lapi - Development of new molecular imaging agents for oncology
  • Dr. Jianmei Leavenworth - Immunology and immunotherapy for cancer and other immune disorders
  • Dr. Elliot Lefkowitz - Microbial genomics and evolution; microbiome and disease; bioinformatics
  • Dr. Gang Liu - Lung injury, repair, inflammation, macrophage, cellular metabolism, ncRNA
  • Dr. Rui Lu - Genomics, epigenetics, gene regulation, stem cells, cancer, drug discovery
  • Dr. Farah Lubin - Epigenetics of memory formation and dysregulation with cognitive disorders
  • Dr. Alexa Mattheyses - Super-resolution microscopy to study cellular architecture and dynamics
  • Dr. James Mobley - Clinical proteomics, biomarker discovery, informatics
  • Dr. Joanne Murphy-Ullrich - Extracellular matrix in regulation of tissue repair and disease
  • Dr. Moon Nahm - Streptococcus pneumoniae pathogenesis, capsules, infections, and vaccines
  • Dr. Jill Napierala * - Defining molecular mechanisms underlying Friedreich's ataxia
  • Dr. John Parant - p53, genomic instability, tumor suppression, and modeling human diseases
  • Dr. Rakesh Patel - Redox biology, inflammation, cardio-pulmonary, translational, glycobiology
  • Dr. Chad Petit - Structure and functional mechanisms that underlie influenza pathogenesis
  • Dr. William Placzek - Apoptosis regulation, chemoresistance, and anti-cancer target validation
  • Dr. Peter Prevelige * - Virus structure and assembly
  • Dr. Erik Roberson - Neurobiology of Alzheimer's Disease and Frontotemporal Dementia
  • Dr. Steven Rowe - Correction of CFTR function to treat CF; Acquired CFTR dysfunction in COPD
  • Dr. Tom Ryan - Sickle Cell Anemia, Thalassemia, Stem Cells, Mouse Models, Hb Switching
  • Dr. Jamil Saad - Biological mechanisms in virology
  • Dr. David Schneider - Define the molecular mechanisms that govern eukaryotic gene expression
  • Dr. Bingdong Sha - Protein folding and transport; ER stress, molecular chaperones
  • Dr. Keshav Singh - Mitochondrial genetics, cancer genetics, cancer health disparities
  • Dr. Yuhua Song - Integrated computational and experimental study; breast cancer, Alzheimer’s
  • Dr. Alex Szalai - Innate immunity, and how it regulates and subverts adaptive immunity
  • Dr. Elizabeth Sztul - Molecular mechanisms regulating membrane traffic in eukaryotic cells
  • Dr. Sunnie Thompson - DNA and RNA Virus host interactions, translational control, and cancer
  • Dr. Summer Thyme - Zebrafish, neurodevelopment, schizophrenia, autism, genetics, drug screens
  • Dr. Charles Turnbough - Bacterial gene regulation/Structure and function of B. anthraces spores
  • Dr. Robert van Waardenburg - DNA repair, structure-function, modification, biochemistry, genetics, drug dev
  • Dr. Laura Volpicelli-Daley - Parkinson’s disease (PD) and Lewy body dementias (LBDs), collectively know
  • Dr. Jacques Wadiche - Fundamental properties of synaptic transmission
  • Dr. Mark Walter - Structure, biochemistry, and function of cytokines involved in viral pathogenesis and autoimmunity
  • Dr. Qin Wang - Neuropharmacology and signaling underlying neuropsychiatric diseases
  • Dr. Amy Weinmann - T cell differentiation, epigenetics, gene expression, metabolism, genomics
  • Dr. Christopher Willey - Cancer biology, signal transduction, advanced patient-derived models
  • Dr. Scott Wilson - Regulation of peripheral nerve myelination
  • Dr. Eddy Yang - Experimental therapeutics, DNA damage and repair, immunotherapy
  • Dr. Karina Yoon - "Mechanism-based therapeutic strategies, mechanisms of tumor progression
  • Dr. Martin Young - Circadian regulation of cardiac physiology and pathophysiology
  • Dr. Nabiha Yusuf - Cancer immunology

Cancer Biology (CANB)

Cell, Molecular, & Developmental Biology (CMDB)

Genetics, Genomics, & Bioinformatics (GGB)

Immunology (IMM)

Microbiology (MIC)

Neuroscience (NEURO)

Pathobiology, Pharmacology, & Physiology (P3)

Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP)

 *GBS Faculty without active labs


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