Undergraduate Student Resources

Undergraduate students at UAB and other institutions have the opportunity to conduct research in labs affiliated with the Graduate Biomedical Sciences program through the following offices and programs:

Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR)

The Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) is a one-stop clearinghouse for undergraduate research. They promote and facilitate research, scholarship, and creative activities by undergraduate students across all disciplines at UAB. OUR provides information and tools necessary to educate undergraduate students about research, help them find and engage in fulfilling research opportunities, and assist students in communicating their findings.

Summer in Biomedical Sciences (SIBS) Undergraduate Research Program

The Summer in Biomedical Science (SIBS) Undergraduate Research Program will provide the opportunity for young people to be instructed in the techniques of modern biology while becoming integrated members of a vibrant clinical and scientific community.

Summer Program in Neuroscience (SPIN)

The Summer Program in Neuroscience (SPIN) is a National Science Foundation sponsored Research Experience for Undergraduates with two equally important goals. First is to provide motivated undergraduates who have demonstrated excellent scientific aptitude with the opportunity to experience full time academic research in neurobiology. Second, SPIN is designed to increase student competitiveness for entry into graduate education by involving students in an intensive professional development program.

Preparation for Graduate and Medical Education (PARAdiGM)

PARAdiGM is UAB's NIH/NHLBI-funded summer program for outstanding undergraduates from disadvantaged and underrepresented minority backgrounds who want to explore the potential of a future career as a physician-scientist - becoming a scientific investigator and a practicing physician.