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Sometime during the past year, you answered a phone call from a student, or clicked on an email, or opened a letter from UAB.

You took a moment to consider what your UAB experience meant – and still means – to you. And you chose to pay that experience forward with a gift to UAB Annual Giving.

Over the last year, more than 4,521 alumni and friends made gifts through UAB Annual Giving. Some 1,147 of those donors made their first gifts ever to UAB this year.

At UAB, donors choose where their funds go. So when you made your gift, you told us exactly how to use it, and we did.

Many donors supported student scholarships in one or more of UAB’s 11 colleges and schools. Others chose to support residency and fellowship training. Some contributed to funds in honor of beloved faculty members. Some made gifts to Crowdfunding projects like Equal Access Birmingham, Save One Life, R2PaintBot or the Torrey Ward Scholarship Fund. And some chose to support life-saving research and life-changing patient care.

Wherever you gave, you made a difference in the life of someone you may never meet: A future engineer, business owner or teacher, a patient who will benefit from a scientific breakthrough, a public health expert, a physician, nurse, dentist or optometrist who will provide highly skilled care to people in need.

Your gift changed everything. Thank you!

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