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English Language Institute (ELI)

Provides the UAB community with top-notch training options, both for current and future students and employees.

Infectious Diseases, Global Health and Vaccines Strategic Initiative at UAB

Fosters interactions, develops collaborations and promotes opportunities between UAB and the KwaZulu-Natal Research Institute for Tuberculosis and HIV (K-RITH) in Durban, South Africa.

Office of Global Social Services Research (GSSR)

Promotes global citizenship and professional action among students, faculty and professionals to foster the improved well-being of the most vulnerable individuals, families and communities around the world.

Office of Sponsored International Programs (OSIP)

Facilitates international service, education, and research programs by building on experiences and by adapting University policy for international activities.

UAB Center for AIDS Research

Stimulates and supports multidisciplinary basic, behavioral and clinical AIDS research at UAB and with partner institutions through the provision of pilot funding, core services and faculty recruitment and development.

UAB Sparkman Center for Global Health

Contributes to solutions of health problems in developing countries through education, research, and training programs in addition to engaging and preparing the UAB community for a global agenda.

WHO Collaborating Center for International Nursing

Collaborates with nurses in other countries to develop programs to enhance nursing education, practice and research and engages in programs that provide opportunities for students and faculty at UAB to participate in international nursing activities.