A particular specialty of the ELP program is the ability to design and execute language training customized to the particular needs of clients in a variety of industries. For years, the ELP has tutored employees at a variety of international and American companies in the central Alabama region. These companies have chosen to invest in particular employees – from management to executive level – in order to facilitate improvement in the employees’ English proficiency.

The ELP has tutored customers in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, hospitality, telephone customer service, and healthcare. For each tutoring contract, ELP tutors assess a client’s needs, design materials for tutoring, execute tutoring using best practices in their field, and create progress reports to notify the company of the status of the tutoring session. Preparation of particular industry certification can also be performed during tutoring sessions.

The particular branch of English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction dedicated to creating customer-centered language training for employees in a particular industry is called English for Specific Purposes (ESP). Many ELP instructors have years of training in ESP, and several instructors have given presentations at international conferences on ESP best practices. Thus, the ELP has much experience and expertise in this particular field, and this expertise is available to help non-native English speaking employees at your company succeed.

Tutoring can be offered on-site at your company.