Canadian and Mexican professionals (known as “treaty nationals,” or TN) are eligible for temporary employment in certain occupation in the US under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Please see this list for qualifying occupations. TN status is initially valid for up to three years and can be renewed indefinitely in one-year increments.

Canadian professionals can be admitted to accept employment in the US by presenting the following documents at the US port of entry: an offer letter from UAB, proof of qualifications (usually a copy of diploma(s)), and proof of Canadian citizenship. No visa stamp is required for Canadian nationals who will be employed in the US in TN status. However, if you are hiring a TN and want to reduce any risk of your employee being denied admission at the US port of entry, you can also file a petition with USCIS using Form I-129. Once approved, your employee can present the TN Approval Notice, along with proof of Canadian citizenship, at the port of entry.

Mexican nationals are eligible for temporary employment under NAFTA as well, but UAB must file a petition for TN status on their behalf, and the Mexican national must schedule a visa appointment at a US embassy or consulate once approved. Mexican nationals do not have the option of applying for admission at the US port of entry.