The Ireland research travel awards are strategically targeted to provide students with unique and valuable opportunities, says Engler. “The research travel scholarship, which awards a maximum of $1,000, is not designed to send someone to a professional meeting; it’s designed to enable a student to capture an educational opportunity that doesn’t exist here at UAB. These travel scholarships are highly competitive, and [this year] students applied for everything from a trip to the Library of Congress to study historic documents to taking a course on Neuroimmunological Diseases at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole. These travel awards provide elite educational experiences that enrich not only our students, but UAB as a whole.” 

This award is funded by an endowment established at UAB by Caroline Ireland and the late Charles W. Ireland, and by new resources allocated to the Graduate School from the Provost’s office. 

Interested students should contact their graduate program directors, who are responsible for making nominations, says Engler. Students are encouraged to check this link or the Graduate Student tab of BlazerNET for the announcement of the next competition, which will be held in February, 2018.

2018 Ireland Research Travel Award Recipients

Morgan Zipperly Neurobiology
Dae Hyun Kim Health Services Administration
Jessica V. Jasien Vision Science
Mandy Biles Psychology
Jacelyn Peabody Medicine -- CFRC
Melissa Bentley Cell, Development, amd Integrative Biology
Mohammah Abdelgawwad Pathology
Kwaku Osei Vision Science
Lindsay MacMillan Biology
Yumi Kim Physical Therapy
Yuliya Voskobiynyk Neurology
Carla Ammons Psychology
Stephanie Mueller Psychology
Julie Trapani Psychology
Kayla Steward Psychology
Ustun Sunay Physics

2017 Ireland Research Travel Award Recipients

Sarah Adkins Biology
Haley Bednarz Psychology
Elizabeth Bevan Biology
Amy Bonka Biology
Ashlyn Burch Physics
Sandra Cutts Civil, Construction & Environmental Egr
Megan Dudley Psychology-Behavioral Neuroscience
Dominique Everett Materials Science & Engineering
Timothy Curtis Howton II Biology
Prajakta Shreeram Kulkarni Biomaterials
Avantika Naidu Physical Therapy
Shyam Panthi Vision Science
Cameron Postnikoff Vision Science
Kellie Regal Pathology
Ross M Reid Biology
Dustin Revell Cell, Molecular, Dev Biology
Yue Zhang Psychology