2016 postdocsUAB postdocs who attended the 2016 appreciation lunch (Photo by Julie Clark McKinney)

The Office of Postdoctoral Education and Postdoctoral Assocation celebrated -- you guessed it -- UAB's postdocs with an apprecation lunch and awards ceremony on September 20, just one event in the full week of activities planned for Postdoc Appreciation Week. Here are the 2016 award winners and nominees. 

Community Minded Award

This award is for the postdoctoral fellow/trainee who is dedicated to filling the needs of a local, national, or international community. Who is making an impact?
Winners: Samantha Giordano and TaShauna Goldsby
Other Nominees:
  • Anarina Murillo
  • Catherine Zander
  • Guang Ren
  • Jose Carlos Gonzalez
  • Linlin Gu
  • Ossama Ramadan
  • Vasundhara Kain

Dr. Congeniality Award
This award is for the postdoctoral fellow/trainee who has a disposition so kind and pleasant their presence brightens the atmosphere of the work environment. Who makes you enjoy being at work?
2016 postdoc award winners2016 Postdoc Awards winners (Photo by Julie Clark McKinney)Winner: Shannon Kahan
Other Nominees:
  • Cynthia M. Kroeger
  • Shannon Kahan
  • Jada Vaden
  • Catherine Zander
  • Liang Zheng
  • Oreoluwa Adedoyin
  • Ossama Ramadan
  • Ved Prakash Mooga
The Dory Award
This award is for the postdoctoral fellow/trainee who, despite setbacks and obstacles in their project, has kept pushing and perserved until they successfully finished the work. Who inspires you to keep up the hard work and "just keep swimming"?
Winner: Ved Prakash Mooga
Other Nominees:
  • Arindam Ghosh
  • Keisuke Ejima
  • Ossama Ramadan
  • S. Rameeza Allie
  • Timothy Jarome
  • Vikram Pillai

Excellent Peer Award
This award is for the postdoctoral fellow/trainee who habitually extends their talents, patience, and time to help other students or researchers. Who has happily trained you, exceeding expectations or obligation?
2016 postdoc t shirtPostdocs eat research for breakfast. (Photo by Julie Clark McKinney)Winner: Ossama Ramadan
Other Nominees:
  • Andrew Arrant
  • Chakravarthi Balabhadra Patruni Venkata Srinivasa Kalyana
  • Darshan Shimoga Chandrasekar
  • Faraz Sultan
  • Gobinath Shanmugam
  • Hieu Hoang
  • Hui-Ju (Zoe) Young
  • Hyeyoung Nam
  • Jada Vaden
  • Khandaker Ahmed
  • Linlin Gu
  • Marissa Gowey
  • Melissa Oliver
  • Rakesh Bakshi
  • Shyam S. Bansal
  • Travis Rush
  • Ved Prakash Mooga
  • Vedad Delic

Extraordinary First Year Postdoc Award
This award is a "Rookie of the Year" award for the first year postdoctoral fellow/trainee who has become an immediate asset to the lab. Who shows great promise?
Winner: Anarina Murillo

Hardest Working Postdoc Award
This award is for the postdoctoral fellow/trainee who puts in consistent great work, but their dedication and skill is not necessarily represented with publications. Who is there working tirelessly morning, noon, and night?
Winner: Guang Ren
Other Nominees:
  • Jose Carlos Gonzalez
  • Linlin Gu
  • S. Rameeza Allie
  • Willayat Wani

Most Esteemed Postdoc Award
This award is for the postdoctoral fellow/trainee with an impressive number of peer reviewed publications and conference presentations and posters. Whose CV is quite full?
Winners: Shannon Kahan and Stephen Carter
Other nominee: Vasundhara Kain