Getting the general public to support research begins with informing them about it. Being able to communicate research findings to non-scientists is incredibly important, yet many scientists aren't effectively able to do so.

That's why the Graduate School's Professional Development Program has partnered with the College of Arts & Sciences and the Collat School of Business to launch the “Certificate in Research Communication” program in spring 2017. This program will help graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, faculty, and employees in science fields learn how to effectively communicate their research to other scientists and non-scientists alike. The curriculum is designed to diversify scientists’ skill sets, which makes them better job candidates once they begin the search.

Any graduate student, post-doctoral fellow, or UAB employee can enroll in this program. No pre-requisites are required. Courses can also simultaneously count toward other certificates such as the UAB Mentoring & Leadership Certificate. This certificate requires a total of 12 credit hours. You can choose from four tracks for the certificate: Medical Writing, Research Communications Entrepreneur, Research Journalism, or Research PR/Marketing. The core curriculum consists of three 1-hour workshops and one 3-hour course for a total of six credit hours. Then you’ll choose two 3-hour elective courses for the remaining 6 credit hours.

Here’s an overview of the courses offered for The Certificate for Research Communication:
Research Comm courses

To apply for the “Certificate in Research Communication":

       1.       Fill out the online application for admission into The Graduate School (not required of current graduate students). 

              a.      Acceptance is contingent on paying the application fee and verification of degree.
              b.      International applicants must also receive permission from the International Office.
              c.      Non-degree seeking applicants can apply here

        2.       Once you’re accepted, complete an “Intent to Pursue a Professional Development Certificate” online form.

The public’s involvement in supporting scientific research starts with them being informed. Take a step toward improving your research communication skills today by signing up for UAB’s Certificate in Research Communication. 

Have questions? Email the Professional Development Program today!