Congratulations to the following recipients of CIRTL@UAB Teaching Practitioner Certificate scholarships. Funding was made possible by the Great Lakes Education Fund.

  • Sarah Adkins, College of Arts & Sciences/Biology
  • Lisa Allen, Health Education & Promotion
  • Mandy K. Biles, College of Arts & Sciences/Psychology
  • Leland Fleming, Graduate Biomedical Sciences/ Neruoscience
  • Mohamed M. Gallow, Construction & Environmental Engineering
  • Marlee D. Hayes, College of Arts & Sciences/Biology
  • Dr. Meng-Chang Hsiao, Postdoctoral Fellow/ Clinical Genetics
  • Jessica Jasien, Vision Science
  • Avantika Naidu, Physical Therapy/Rehabilitation Science
  • Dr. Heather Patterson, Instructional Lab Coordinator/Biology
  • Courtney Petty, Graduate Biomedical Sciences/ CMDB
  • Ashley Turner, Graduate Biomedical Sciences/Genetics


The Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching, and Learning is a learning community of 43 North American institutions whose goal is to improve undergraduate education by preparing future faculty in the sciences. CIRTL@UAB is the only center in the national network to award official class A Certificates in College Teaching. UAB participants can earn three levels of certificates: Associate, Practitioner, and Scholar. These CIRTL certificates provide highly-transferrable professional skills, which translate into a competitive edge on the job market. CIRTL Associates learn about effective, evidence-based teaching practices, how to design and teach college courses, and write a teaching statement for the job search. CIRLT Practitioners are paired with faculty teaching mentors and learn how to conduct Teaching As Research. CIRTL Scholars ultimately present a Teaching-As-Research project at national meetings and prepare manuscripts to publish, positioning themselves as faculty while still in their graduate student or postdoctoral research positions.

All UAB students, postdocs, faculty, and staff can take advantage of CIRTL Network resources and events, including job postings, networking and discussion groups, as well as topical courses for teaching and research:

Mark your Calendars for the 2017 CIRTL Awards Ceremony, April 24 @ 11 a.m. in the Hill Center Ballroom.

At the Annual Awards ceremony, CIRTL@UAB will honor 60+ CIRTL Associates, 15 CIRTL Practitioners, and 8 Scholars, who will present posters of their Teaching As Research Projects. Sign up for the luncheon through Eventbrite.

To find out more about how CRTL@UAB can prepare you for your future as faculty, visit