General Information

The Professional Development Program offers courses and workshops designed to improve the academic and professional communication skills of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows and to help prepare them for independent careers.

The Professional Development courses are open to all UAB graduate students. Postdoctoral fellows should contact the Office of Postdoctoral Education. Other interested persons should contact the program director for information on registration procedure and course availability. These courses are listed each semester in the UAB Class Schedule under Graduate School. All Professional Development courses are Pass/No Pass credit-bearing graduate courses.

Graduate Students

To register for any GRD courses or workshops, follow normal registration procedures as listed in the UAB Class Schedule. If you need additional information, contact Ms. Lori Naramore at or 996-4061.

Before registering for Academic English courses, international teaching assistants are required to complete free oral and written language assessments. (Some departments also require these assessments, so please check with your department.) The purpose of these assessments is to recommend students to the appropriate level courses (GRD 720/721 or GRD 730/731; GRD 714, 724 or 725; GRD 726, 727, or 728). The oral assessment consists of a 20-minute one-on-one structured interview, and the writing assessment is a 1-hour written essay. These assessments are scheduled at the beginning of each semester. To schedule assessments, please contact Lori Naramore at

Postdocs, Faculty, and Staff

Postdoctoral fellows should contact the Office of Postdoctoral Education (; 975-7020) for registration procedures. Nonnative English speakers may choose to complete the oral and written language assessments (as described above) before registering for the Academic English program offerings.

For UAB faculty or staff to receive Educational Assistance reimbursement for tuition, they must first apply to the Graduate School as a nondegree-seeking student and then register for the course or workshop through normal registration procedures. A nondegree application is valid for three semesters (1 year) following the date of application. The deadlines listed in the UAB Class Schedule apply. Link to Nondegree application

If you need further information, call Ms. Nancy Abney (934-8129).