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Introducing the UAB Graduate School Certificate for Research Communications

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Want to earn a CIRTL Teaching Certificate? Apply for a tuition scholarship!

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2016 Graduate School Virtual Fair to take place November 10th

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3MT information sessions offer competition tips, last minute chance to register

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Travis Hull
Travis's research focuses on the study the role of the immunomodulatory and cytoprotective enzyme, heme oxygenase-1 (HO-1), in regulating the inflammatory response after injury or transplantation of the heart and the kidney.

Haley D. Johnson
Haley's research is focused on the transportation needs and safety issues of individuals with developmental disabilities.

Jay Bhatt
Jay's research focuses on the various molecular machineries involved in forming transport vesicles at the Golgi.

Stephanie Brosius
Stephanie's research is studying the role of the Schwann cell growth factor neuregulin-1 and its receptors in the pathogenesis of malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumors

Joanna Wilson
Joanna 's research is an exploration of the ways that attitudes towards nature and geographically determined identity can be discerned through art and visual culture.

Kurt Zimmerman
Kurt's research looks at the effects of the ER stress response protein calreticulin on progression of fibrotic and fibroproliferative diseases.

Rachel Brewer
Rachel's research is looking at the interactions between nutrition and longevity

Jennifer Bain
Jennifer's research focuses on targeted delivery of osteoinductive peptides to bone grafts to enhance the regenerative capacity.

Roberta Challener
Roberta's dissertation focuses on the potential impacts of climate change on sea urchins.

Stephanie Cardwell
Stephanie's research interests involve predictors of delinquent behavior in adolescence and how this behavior spans across the life-course.

Theresa Ramos
Theresa's research is focused on Complement and its role in experimental cerebral malaria.

Kristi Stringer
Kristi's research is focused on examining the association between multiple stigmas and HIV treatment retention and medication adherence.

Jake Nelson
Jake's research is in the area of computational fluid dynamics (CFD). CFD is used to simulate fluid flow through a domain with given boundary conditions.

Christopher Freeman
Christopher's research focuses on the symbiotic interactions between tropical marine sponges and microbial symbionts living within them.

Juan Calix
Juan's research focuses on understanding the evolution of the human pathogen Streptococcus pneumoniae and its capsule, especially in response to immunological factors the bacterium encounters in human hosts.

Bryan Cox
Bryan's, research focuses on a class of proteins called “nuclear receptors” which are responsible for regulating gene expression by controlling transcription

Keith Veronese
Keith, received his Ph.D. in Chemistry in December 2010 and was hooded in May 2011

James Gothard
James, the Barker Award recipient at the master's level, completed his degree in English in May of this year.

Katie Gibbs
Katie, The Barker Award recipient at the doctoral level, researches the nutritional physiology of sea urchins.

Dil Uswatte
Dil is a doctoral student in the Educational Leadership program.

Kaye Nail
Kaye researches Birmingham Jewish Women and their role in the Civil Rights Movement.

Anne Bet
Anne, a microbiology doctoral student, researches the role of cryptic epitopes in HIV-1 infection and immune control.

Firas Abbas
Firas, a master's student in Public Health, researches the mental health of Iraqi women in conflict areas.

Jessica Alvarez
Jessica's research involves the relationship of blood vitamin D levels with insulin sensitivity and vascular function in African American and Caucasian teenage girls.

Amanda Willig
Amanda is currently investigating health disparities and the influence of gene/environment interactions on body composition and free fatty acids.

Wes Edmonds
Wes, a Ph.D. student in Cell Biology, received the Dean's Award for Outstanding Student in the Joint Health Sciences at this year's Honors Convocation.

Hannah Nelson
Hannah chose the forensic sciences program at UAB because of the numerous classes offered in varied research areas.

Gina Presley
Gina is a graduate student in the forensic science program. She researches the recovery of DNA from self-adhesive stamps after exposure to four difference cleaning methods.

Jamie Boullt
Jamie's specialty fields are Renaissance, Baroque, and 20th-century art with an emphasis on the Spanish Renaissance.

Russell Griffin
Russell's main research is in injury epidemiology, with a focus on prevention and treatment of traumatic injuries.

Tiffany Cox
Tiffany, a doctoral student in epidemiology, examines the association between weight and quality of life in women.

Elizabeth K. Lucas
Elizabeth, who is concentrating in behavioral neuroscience, studies the transcriptional regulation of parvalbumin in GABAergic interneurons.

Jennifer DeBerry
Jennifer's research focuses on the neuroanatomy underlying stress-related modulation of visceral nociception.

Heather Guy
Heather, a master's student in the Department of History, is motivated by her love for history and a desire to learn.

John Wiley Boone
John's work on his master's in History focuses on 20th Century/post-Cold War American diplomatic history, with a secondary interest in world diplomatic and socio-economic history.

Lynne Gauthier
Lynne is pursuing her Ph.D. in Medical Psychology, researching neuroplasticity resulting from rehabilitation.

Reginna Scarber
As a doctoral student in Materials Engineering, Reginna is researching optimization and characterization of bioactive glass nanofibers as scaffold material.

Natalie De La Cruz
Natalie expects to receive her Ph.D. in Health Education and Health Promotion in August 2009.

Melanie Helser
Melanie's research involves Environmental Policies in the state of Alabama.

Jennifer Henderson
Jennifer chose UAB’s MPA program because it ranks in the top ten NASPAA accredited schools in the southeast.

Brandi Baker
Brandi, a Ph.D. student in Cell Biology, focuses her research on the intercellular networks of cytokine signaling in astrocytes and microglia as well as the transcriptional regulation of these cytokines.

Subhashini Bolisetty
Subhashini, an international student from India, came to UAB to pursue a PhD in Cell Biology because of UAB's reputation for working in cutting edge areas of biological sciences.

Ian Davey
As Ian progresses in his studies at UAB, he would like to research how changes in accounting standards influence firm behavior.

Stefani Tyler
Stefani is focusing her research efforts on the audit process of internal controls within organizations to better reduce audit risk.

Lucy Kehinde
Lucy, a Ph.D. student the the Vision Science program, studies the responses to 30 days of daily versus extended contact lens wear.

Kevin Schultz
Kevin's research involves using electrophysiology and behavioral experiments in alert animals regarding the fundamental structure of the pathways that drive eye movements.

Anne G. Balanay
In Spring 2007, Jo Anne Balanay joined the Environmental Health Sciences PhD program with an emphasis in Industrial Hygiene here at UAB.

Gwendolyn Hudson
Gwendolyn was drawn to UAB's PhD program in Environmental Health Sciences because of its diversity in research opportunities.

Luke Stoeckel
After receiving an A.B. from Harvard College, Luke came to UAB to pursue his Ph.D. in Medical Psychology.

Ozioma Okonkwo
Ozioma is working on a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology with a specialization in Neuropsychology here at UAB.

Adam Guthrie
Adam is furthering his interest in logistics by focusing his research here at UAB in the Industrial Distribution Department.

Li Fang
Li Fang, a graduate student in the MBA program, came to UAB from BeiJing, P.R. China.

Philip Nero
Philip is working toward his M.S. in Criminal Justice with a certificate of specialization in Computer Forensics.

Crystal Null
Crystal’s research is related to alternatives to incarceration for offenders, focusing on the Jefferson County Mental Health Court.

Xin Chen
Xin Chen is a graduate student from China working toward her PhD in Computer Science.

Matthew Curry
Matthew Curry’s research includes applying Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) to coding theory, and integrating this into a system that enables highly reliable arrays of disk drives.

Scott W. Keith
Scott is the 2008 recipient of the Samuel B. Barker Award for Excellence in Graduate Studies at the Doctoral Level. Click here to learn more about Scott's research.

Christopher Null
Christopher received the 2008 Barker Award at the Master's level.

Becky Smith
Becky Smith’s research in the Genetics program focuses on how the active pathway is transported from the synaptic terminal to the neuron nucleus.

Tyesha Farmer
Tyesha Farmer’s research seeks to identify genomic markers of aggressive breast cancer by analyzing the spectrum of genomic aberrations (gains and deletions) in breast tumors from young African-American and Caucasian-American women.

Joel Anderson
Joel Anderson’s research focuses on tissue engineering.

Anne Bailey
Anne Bailey is a first generation Southerner working on her MA in English with a concentration in Creative Writing.

Meredith Reid
Meredith Reid researches the use of functional MRI and MR spectroscopy to study patients with schizophrenia.

Donna Burnett
Donna Burnett, MAEd, is a doctoral candidate in the School of Education with an anticipated graduation date of 2008.

Jason Fulmore
Jason Fulmore is a PhD Candidate in UAB’s Health Education/Health Promotion program.

Sarah Jenkins
Sarah Jenkins, a student in the Pharmacology/Toxicology program, studies environmental agents.

Nathan A. Styles
Nathan A. Styles’s research focuses on the cloning, expression, and subcellular localization of enzymes involved in bile acid metabolism.

Craig Aumack
Craig Aumack is a PhD student in Biology, has recently conducted research as part of UAB in Antarctica.

Adrienne King
Adrienne King entered the Interdisciplinary Biomedical Science (IBS) program, pursuing a Ph.D. in Environmental Health Sciences.

Melissa Talbert
Melissa Talbert is working toward her DMD/PhD.

Saman Khaled
Saman Khaled is a doctoral student in the department of pathology.

Roger Nichols
Roger Nichols has enjoyed his academic career at UAB.

Eman Hamsa
Eman Hamsa has received her M.Sc. in Mathematics and is currently working on her Ph.D in Applied Mathematics.

T. Scott Isbell
While Scott was pursuing a B.S. in Biology here at UAB, he had the opportunity to work in the Department of Pharmacology.

Nenad Velisavljevic, Ph.D.
After spending five and a half years at UAB, Nenad received his Ph.D. in physics in December 2005.

Magdalena (Maggi) Krzyzaniak
Maggi has received the David E. Wells memorial scholarship award for the most outstanding proposition and qualifying exam.

Anna Taylor, M.S.
Anna received her A.A. (Summa Cum Laude) from Central Alabama Community College in 2003.

Jasmine Gaines, Ph.D.
Dr. Jasmine Gaines is a recent two-time graduate of UAB, earning a Ph.D. concentrating in cellular and molecular biology in December 2006.

Devashish Saini
Devashish Saini, a graduate student in the Health Informatics master's program, already holds an M.D.

Muzna Mirza
Since she arrived at UAB from Pakistan, in August 2005, Muzna has been working with Dr. H. F. Orthner.

Paul Mangan
Our graduate students are quite fortunate to be able to contribute to this research. Paul Mangan is no exception.

Scott Keith
After receiving a B.A. and M.S. in mathematics, Scott Keith came to UAB to pursue a Ph.D. in biostatistics.

William Prucka
William Prucka has been researching the statistical analysis of longitudinal magnetic resonance image (MRI) data.

John Mahan
John has been on UAB’s campus for seven years.

Andrew Gallian, Ph.D.
Andrew first came to UAB in the summer of 1998 as a summer intern in the Physics REU program.