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UAB EXPERIENtial Learning for Career Enhancement in the Sciences (EXPERIENCES) Program


A professional development initiative that introduces UAB graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to emerging career options in the sciences.


Workforce reports show that pre- and post-doctoral trainees need to be informed and educated about careers within and outside traditional academic research to be job-ready in today’s economy. Because experiential learning is a critical element of career awareness, the purpose of the UAB EXPERIENCES Program is to test the feasibility of varied experiential learning approaches in five strategic career areas:

  • business and entrepreneurship;
  • public policy, government, and non-profit organizations;
  • research administration;
  • science communication; and
  • science education.


The UAB EXPERIENCES Program is open to all UAB graduate students and post-doctoral fellows.

student using equipment in chemistry lab


IDP and Self-Assessments

  • All interested trainees are encouraged to update their IDPs and perform self-assessments
  • Each trainee has the opportunity to review these materials with a career advisor

Boot-camp Informational Sessions

  • Separate sessions will be held for each of the aforementioned career path areas
  • Sessions will provide information on employment trends, educational requirements, and job skills specific to that career area
  • Trainees may then opt to perform a job simulation, shadowing, or immersion experience with the same career partner; alternatively, the trainee may choose no additional activity

Job Simulations

  • These will provide true-to-life job simulation exercises to help trainees explore potential careers in the biomedical science field.
  • A partnership between Wash U and UCSF, they designed the job simulations to be self-guided. Each simulation contains background and directions for you to complete a task that is related to the career of interest.

Shadowing Experiences

  • Shadowing experiences will be comprised of two, day-long sessions with a career community partner
  • In these sessions, trainees will visit the partner’s office, meet with staff, and observe daily activities

Immersion Experiences

  • Immersion experiences will be comprised of the equivalent of four weeks’ time at the partner’s office
  • In these sessions, trainees will work with the partner on a focused project toward a defined goal


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