Steps for Completing your Degree/Certificate

Step 1: Monitor Progress Towards Your Degree/Certificate

You can access your degree requirements through UAB’s Graduation Planning System (GPS). Your personalized audit will list all of the courses required to earn your degree/certificate and will display completed, in-progress, and outstanding requirements. GPS is accessed through BlazerNET by clicking the GPS button in the menu on the right side of your home page. You should also be aware of the Graduate School’s minimum requirements which can be found in the Graduate Catalog.

Your GPS audit should be reviewed every semester to track your progress and help determine your registration plans. GPS is not intended to replace your relationship with your academic advisor/graduate department but should be used in conjunction with their consultation.

If you see a discrepancy on your audit, contact your department immediately to address the concern. The Graduate School uses your GPS audit to award your degree/certificate so it must be accurate and complete.

Access GPS


Step 2: Submit the Application for Graduate Degree/Certificate

As you are approaching your final term, you must notify your program and the Graduate School of your intent to graduate by submitting the Application for Degree/Certificate by the appropriate deadline. This must be completed even if you do not plan to attend the commencement ceremony. The Application for Degree/Certificate is accessible through BlazerNET by clicking on Links/Forms and selecting the Apply for Graduate Degree/Certificate link.

Upon submission of your application, you will receive a confirmation email with a copy of your application. In addition, a fee will be assessed to your account. This fee covers the verification of your curriculum requirements and your diploma (if earning a graduate degree) and will only be assessed the first time you apply to graduate for that specific degree/certificate. The fee for graduate degrees is $50 and the fee for graduate certificates is $20.

According to your graduate program’s process, your application will be routed to the appropriate individuals who must provide approval. If your program has approved your application, the Graduate School will use your GPS audit to ensure you have met the requirements for your program. Your program will be notified of any issues which must be addressed by the grade submission deadline.

Submit Your Application


Step 3: Meet Requirements for the Awarding of your Degree/Certificate

After grades are available, the Graduate School will complete a final review of your GPS audit and GPA prior to awarding your degree/certificate.

If you are pursuing a plan I masters (thesis) or doctoral degree, you must also submit your final paperwork to the Graduate School by the appropriate deadline before your degree can be awarded.

The Graduate School cannot offer assurance to a third party (such as a prospective employer) that you have completed the degree until all requirements have been met and final paperwork has been submitted.


Step 4: Commencement

The commencement ceremony for Masters, Education Specialists, and Doctoral graduates will be held on the Friday evening following final exams.

If you are interested in participating in the university commencement ceremony, you can find all relevant information on the UAB Commencement website. Participation requires that you sign up on the commencement website and order the appropriate regalia by the specified deadlines.

Register to Attend


Step 5: Receiving Your Diploma

  • The Graduate School places the diploma order within one week after all graduate degrees have been awarded for the term. Once the degree has been officially awarded, degree verification can be obtained through Student Clearinghouse. Official transcripts can be requested through the One Stop Student Services online or by calling 934-4300.
  • Graduates will receive an email confirming that their degree was awarded along with the diploma name and mailing address that was provided during the Application for Degree/Certificate process. Updates can be made to the name and/or address by the provided deadline.
  • Diplomas are typically shipped within 2 weeks of order submission. Graduates will receive a confirmation email when it is shipped.
  • Graduates who have outstanding fees will not receive their diploma directly; it will be sent to the Graduate School for pickup or delivery after their account has been cleared.