Green and Gold Fund in the National Media

Bloomberg Businessweek Top Student-Run Investment Funds UAB business students win national portfolio management contest

Birmingham News (Print Edition): UAB Green and Gold Fund tops in nation for 2nd straight year

University of Dayton : News : R.I.S.E. XII Student Portfolio Winners

UAB School of Business News: UAB Green and Gold Fund Defends National Championship

2010-11 Chief Investment Officer Daniel Wilson

Daniel discusses the unique ability of the Green & Gold Fund at UAB to provide a link between school and career.

UAB Magazine Febuary 2010 Article Excerpt

Tending a Student-Led Investment Fund in Tough Times

For a group of students in the UAB School of Business, the colors green and gold evoke something besides school spirit. That’s the result of some wise moves by the Green and Gold Fund, UAB’s student-managed investment portfolio, which continues to rise even in the midst of a recession.

“We’ve got a lot of cash right now, which is fun, because there are a lot of long-term opportunities—if you’re particular about what you purchase,” says Stephen Garrett, a finance student who is the chief investment officer on the fund. Garrett describes his role as “part of a team that manages a chunk of money around here.” In other words, he monitors the fund’s portfolio and works with the analysts and managers to maximize performance while keeping risk to a minimum.

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CNBC Squawk Box Appearance 2008

Former Chief Investment Officer Laura Bordelon speaks with Squawk Box host Erin Burnett.

BusinessWeek April 10, 2008 Article Excerpt

Student Funds Learn from the Downturn

Having some insight into the market also helped the University of Alabama-Birmingham's Green & Gold Fund—another RISE winner, in the undergraduate growth-style category—end the year with a 5.46% annual return on its $404,536.94 portfolio. The team adopted a mostly conservative investing stance, holding onto more stable stocks, such as Streetracks Gold Shares (GLD) and others, says Stephanie Rauterkus, an assistant professor of finance at the school and the fund's faculty adviser.

"With the political climate, the Presidential election, and the uncertainty surrounding oil and interest rates, we thought we needed to keep a significant chunk of our money in something that will be safe and stable," Rauterkus says. "We're not trying to do a lot of trading and react to every market event, and that has worked for us."

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