Professional Development and Travel Award

This award is designed to support the academic experience and professional growth of current UAB Graduate Students. An award of up to $400.00 is available for eligible graduate students who meet the enrollment and eligibility requirement for the “GSG Professional Development and Travel Award”. The award is offered as a supplemental reimbursement to cover expenses and cannot exceed $400.00. These awards are not meant to reimburse for required UAB credit generating activities or for activities that are not primarily professional in purpose.

GSG Award Flyer Spring 2022 Instagram Post update

*Note: Please notify the GSG immediately if you are awarded a Professional Development and Travel Award and are then unable to utilize the award during the time period alloted. We understand that circumstances sometimes change, but we would like to support as many students as we can through our awards. Failure to utilize a the award without notifing the GSG will disqualify you from consideration for any future GSG Awards

We have three application windows per year corresponding to the semester in which the travel occurs (Fall, Spring, and Summer).
If you have questions, please contact the GSG Travel Grant Officer:
Silvienne Sint Jago,