GSG 2021 Elections

The ballot will open at 8am on April 7th and close at 5:30pm that same day. The link will not work until the ballot opens.
Chairs are appointed and will not be part of the ballot


  1.        Nominations open: February 5th – March 31th, 2021
  2.        Election Day: April 7, 2021 (during Senate meeting)
  3.        Term length: June 1, 2021- May 31, 2022
  4.        Eligibility: A student must be a voting member of GSG and in good standing for atleast 6 months unless the student is running unopposed for a position. In that case, a student must be a voting member and in good standing for atleast 3 months. (See Article III of Constitution)

Positions open for nominations:

  • Salary: $150/month
  • Major roles and responsibilities:

o   Liaison between UAB administration and graduate students

o   Organize University Wide Committee participation

o   Oversee the GSG Executive Council/Committee

Vice President:
  • Salary: $125/month
  • Major roles and responsibilities:
    • Assist all committees to fulfill their duties as defined by the Bylaws.
    • Serve as the acting President in the event the President is unable to perform their duties.
    • Chairperson of the Orientation Committee.

  • Salary: $100/month
  • Major roles and responsibilities:
    • Tracking attendance at GSG senate meetings
    • Taking minutes for all Senate and Executive Committee meetings
    • Ordering food for senate meetings
    • Notifying senators of the upcoming senate meeting, missed meetings, and suspension due to missed meetings


  • Salary: $100/month
  • Major roles and responsibilities:
    • Chair of the Budget Committee
    • Keeping records of all GSG transactions once in a month and presenting the expenses to budget committee, executive committee and senate.
    • Administrating the allocation of GSG Student Organization Funding
    • Maintaining communication to all student organizations

Budget Committee: (6 people total)

  • Salary: n/a
  • Major roles and responsibilities:
    • Allocating GSG Student Organization Funding twice in a year.
    • Updating the Budget Committee SOP, GSG Expenditure Guidelines and GSG Student Organization Policies and Procedures Documents.
    • Attending 80% or more number of Budget Committee Meetings
  • The Travel Grants Officer (TGO) will be chosen from one of the 6 Budget Committee members by the President
    • Salary of the TGO is $40/month
    • Please indicate if you would also like to be considered for TGO when you are nominated 
Committee Chairs
  • Open positions: Community Service, Communications and Marketing, Professional Development and Leadership, Social Activities
  • Salary: $40/month
  • Major roles and responsibilities:
    • Chairing the committee for the respective tasks (outlined in the SOPs and available through the current committee chairs)
    • Organizing monthly committee meetings to work towards achieving those tasks
    • Attending Executive Committee meetings to update on committee progress
    • Report back to the senate on committee progress