Wednesday, March 4, 2015  Updated 4:00 pm:

Based on National Weather Service projections, normal business and class hours are expected at UAB on Thursday. Employees or students concerned about road conditions in their area are advised to use their best judgment to stay safe and contact their supervisor or instructors for guidance. Emergency Management will continue to monitor the weather and provide updates as necessary. 

Calendar Categories

Academic Calendar – primarily for Registrar, Enrollment Management, etc., to post schedule, timelines and deadlines.

Academic Presentations – for events related to formal instruction such as Grand Rounds, departmental lectures, final defenses, Continuing Medical Education (see Lectures, Talks & Seminars).

Alumni – for National Alumni Society and related events.

Alys Stephens Center – for events hosted in the facility.

Blazer Athletics – for Division I competitive sports schedules and events.

Campus Recreation – for classes, activities, trips occurring in the facility or sponsored by Campus Rec management and/or intramural sports.

Lectures, Talks & Seminars – for events that have an educational purpose (particularly guest lectures, endowed lectures, Discussion Book activities) but are not tied to formal instruction goals.

Meetings/Workshops/Groups – for events that have a personal, social, civic and/or career-development purpose.

SCHOOLS – for events and activities sponsored by the individual school.

Special Events – for recurring annual or campuswide events, major fundraisers, milestone observances.

Student Programs – for official, university Student Life-sponsored programs and events.

UAB Administrative Calendar – for designated UAB holidays, major award deadlines, critical timelines and deadlines from HR, IT, Finance and/or other administrative departments.