Criteria for Building Decoration Competition:
Building Appearance, Creativity, Effort, Utilization of Homecoming Theme, and Participation

Application Deadline: Friday, September 28, 2018 | 5:00pm

*Note: This competition is heavily weighted on the decoration of the actual building. The goal is to display UAB spirit all week via the decorations on and around your building. Spirited participants are a 40% factor; however, 60% of the points will be awarded based on tangible d├ęcor.

The judges for the competition are as follows: a representative from Alumni Affairs, Athletics, Student Affairs, UAB Creative and Marketing, the NAS President, and Mr.& Ms. UAB.


  • Tape signs or decorations to metal doorframes with MASKING tape only.
  • Paint glass with tempera paint. DO NOT paint over building signs on doors.
  • Free-standing signs, displays or floats

Do Not:

  • Block building entrances
  • Damage any part of the building by attaching nails or screws to the building
  • Dig in any green area around the building

If you are going to hang a banner, you must have the facilities staff hang it for you. Contact Campus Maintenance at 934-5353.