Michael Ho

Michael Ho

Specialized - GCL

Michael Ho is a sophomore in the Honors College’s Global and Community Leadership (GCL) Honors Program, double majoring in chemistry and French. Service learning has always been his passion, so he wanted to choose a curriculum that would broaden his global perspective and enhance his cultural humility to give back to the local community through a multitude of ways. Ultimately, he chose GCL to gain additional insight on global issues in a discussion-based setting and become an advocate in the Birmingham area, while learning about the rich historical past of the city. Over the summer, he put some of his college experience to the test when he ran an Instagram business page that sold vintage clothes and collector’s items of retro brands.

While in the Honors College, Michael has participated in various programs, where he has introduced the Provost, spoke on multiple panels and met prospective students and their families to help them finalize their decision to apply for the Honors College. He even helped some of the professors develop their curriculum for honors seminars.

In addition to serving as an Honors SMART Leader (Student Mentor And Retreat Team) and Honors Ambassador within the Honors College, Michael also serves as a TrailBlazer, Director of Campus Relations in the Undergraduate Student Government Association (USGA) and officer in Alpha Epsilon Delta (AED), which is a Pre-Health Honors Society.

When Michael isn’t studying or helping with events, you can catch him playing basketball, soccer, backpacking/hiking/enjoying the outdoors or thrift shopping.

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