Reilyn Intemann

Reilyn Intemann


Reilyn Intemann is a sophomore in the Honors College’s Personalized Pathway, majoring in pre-nursing. During one of her college visits on campus, she met with an advisor who explained the program and outlined the various paths she could take to obtain honors credits. Choosing the Personalized Pathway was the most flexible and the best fit for her academic program and goals. Based on her academic achievement, she has received a merit scholarship.

The Honors College has given Reilyn multiple opportunities to explore career options and find her true passions through various volunteer organizations and specific honors classes. As a Trailblazer, she shares her love and experiences at UAB with prospective students, while helping them determine their fit on campus. She is also an Honors SMART Leader (Student Mentor And Retreat Team) in the Honors College and volunteers at Children's of Alabama. As an experienced U.S. Figure Skating Gold Medal winner for ice dance, she continues to pursue dance as a member of the Love Your Melon Campus Crew and Dance Marathon.

Once Reilyn began her studies on the impact of volunteer work in hospital settings, it opened her eyes to the field of nursing in pediatric and critical care settings, as well as her personal impact on the staff and patient’s lives.

In her spare time, Reilyn enjoys exploring new coffee shops around Birmingham and trying new restaurants with friends.

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