Innovations in Wellness logoBy Nicole Wyatt

With the vast resources of the Internet, it is hard not to come across the health tips that abound online. Sorting out the right information from the wrong can be difficult. Likewise, navigating social media can present challenges to users — new and old.

To help cultivate more informed consumers in either the social media or the health world — or both — University of Alabama at Birmingham Wellness is hosting the second annual Innovations in Wellness Conference on Nov. 19-20, at the UAB Alumni House, 1301 10th Ave. South.

The conference will feature two days with separate focuses. The first day will be all about social media, with some of the best users in Birmingham teaching the intricacies of the various online communication channels through case studies.

Day two of the event will present the latest insights into the understanding of well-being from UAB physicians and practitioners to educate health and wellness leaders, as well as enthusiasts. Both days are open to anyone interested in attending, and participants may choose to attend either one or both days.  Read more at UAB News...



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