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John MooreJohn Moore | Research Associate, Department of Genetics

John Moore began his career with UAB in a research lab and now works running lab samples in Clinical Biochemical Genetics, which diagnoses and monitors patients with inborn errors of metabolism, most of whom are newborns or young children.

Moore was named Employee of the Month in December 2014 for his dedication to providing timely results and for taking on more responsibility by serving as interim laboratory director after the department lost two professors in one year.

"John is the type of person on whom you can always count," said James C. Camel, administrative director of the Department of Genetics. “Regardless of what he is tasked to do, he takes on the task with enthusiasm and urgency. John remains a huge asset.”

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QuoteMarkI've learned over the years, and especially during the past year, that if you work hard and try to do the job well, even when things get a little hectic, someone will notice it and appreciate the effort."

— John Moore