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Sherri PriceSherri Price | Administrative Supervisor, Occupational Health & Safety

Sherri Price has been at UAB for more than 30 years, and when she began in Occupational Health & Safety, the department only had a few programs and around 10 employees.

Being at UAB for so long means she is a wellspring of institutional knowledge, which makes her valuable to her department — so much so she was named the February 2015 Employee of the Month.

“Sherri is the heart of our department,” said Cathy Pierce, office associate. “She is always cheerfully helping and pitching in without being asked. She is respectful of others. She is reliable and dedicated to doing a great job. A day doesn't go by that someone doesn't say, ‘Ask Sherri.’”

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QuoteMarkMy co-workers are like family. We actually call each other our OH&S family. Everyone knows that the work they do makes a difference, and they enjoy doing it.”

— Sherri Price