Explore the EACC's line-up of stress management programs including a variety of classes, support services, digital tools and more. Please note — all on-campus events have been suspended indefinitely due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Traditional Counseling

EACC's staff of licensed, certified counselors are trained to offer support and assist in developing coping strategies for managing stress in addition to other personal problems. UAB employees and members of their immediate household are eligible for 15 free individual, couples or family counseling sessions per year.

Self-Care Studio

The collaboration between the EACC and UAB’s Arts in Medicine offers employees a creative outlet to reduce stress through art therapy, guided imagery and other expressive therapies. Virtual sesssions are held on the first and third Tuesday of the month.


Yoga and Pilates classes taught by certified instructors encourage participants to engage their bodies and minds with a focus on mindfulness meditation techniques to improve mental focus, alleviate stress and improve mood. Onsite yoga and pilates classes are on hold due to COVID-19. For virtual yoga instruction, visit go.uab.edu/virtualyoga.

Code Blaze

The Code Blaze program provides quick access to tools for solving stressful situations and managing the difficult emotions experienced by direct care providers — including an extensive database of community and online stress management resources and access to Code Blaze Quiet Rooms, where employees can go when job-related stress becomes overwhelming. Visit uab.edu/codeblaze.


Through its partnership with myStrength, EACC provides employees with free access to hundreds of web and mobile tools for increased emotional health and wellbeing on topics like stress management, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, parenting, substance abuse and more. Visit the myStrength for UAB webpage for details.

Support Groups

EACC support groups provide a safe and secure environment to discuss shared experiences and offer and receive community support. The weekly Women’s Support Group meets Wednesdays at 5:15 p.m. Hopeful Healing, a support group for coping with chronic illness, meets the last Tuesday of the month at 5:15 p.m. Visit go.uab.edu/EACC-Support

Art Therapy

EACC’s therapeutic art sessions provide a unique format for self-expression, communication and reflection in either a group therapy or one-on-one counseling setting — no artistic talent necessary. Call 205-934-2281 to register for EACC’s monthly art therapy support group.


The practice of meditation is known to reduce stress, decrease anxiety and depression, improve physical health and enhance employee engagement and job performance. Meditation is available to departments upon request.

Virtual Resources for Managing Stress

myStrength Tools for Success