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SmartPath at UAB

UAB has partnered with SmartPath to offer faculty and staff a variety of financial wellness resources that make financial problem solving more personal and accessible for everyone. SmartPath services are an employer-sponsored benefit for benefits-eligible employees and members of their immediate household from the UAB Employee Assistance & Counseling Center.

  • SmartPath Financial Coaching

    SmartPath offers UAB employees unbiased, confidential financial coaching. Like a personal trainer for your money, SmartPath Financial Coaching is designed to help you make better choices and stay accountable. Your certified SmartPath coach will work with you to map out your savings, debt, income and expenses, and build a financial plan that is compatible with your individual goals.

    A monthly fee of $29 provides participants with access to a full range of resources, including:

    • Unlimited phone calls with a personal, unbiased financial coach
    • Actionable care plan reports with recommended options and next steps
    • Anytime access to SmartPath’s client financial education portal

    Register online at

  • SmartPath Webinars

    SmartPath's monthly webinars for UAB employees are engaging, practical and actionable and cover a variety of financial wellness topics. View the links below to register to stream an upcoming session live via Zoom; archived sessions are available in the LMS with a Blazer ID and password.

    SmartPath Webinar Series 2020 Schedule

    • January 16: Smart Tax Planning
      You don’t want to pay too much or too little. More importantly, you want to know how much you’ll owe (or get as a refund) to plan the rest of your finances. Join us to learn the fundamentals of how taxes work. You may be surprised to find out that the system actually works — even if you don’t like it. Topics: How taxes work, deductions/credits.
      Visit the UAB Campus Calendar to register.
    • February 12: Love & Money
      Marriage is hard. Money can make it harder if you're not on the same page. Different budgeting styles, different priorities, different levels of financial acumen all play a role. Come learn how to be on the same team with your spouse and money. This class will teach you how to have collective goals while protecting your individual freedom. Topics: Money and Relationships, Financial Marriage
      Visit the UAB Campus Calendar to register.
    • February 27: 5 Financial Resolutions
      Generally, New Year’s resolutions focus on areas we want to improve like losing weight, paying off debt, spending more time with family. What about a more important resolution – to live intentionally. Come learn how to live intentionally, even when funds are tight on a budget. Topics: Budgeting, savings, goals, financial mindset.
      Visit the UAB Campus Calendar to register.
    • March 11: Finances & Family
      Is someone in your family constantly asking for money? Do you share bills or struggle with drawing that infamous 'line'? You're not alone and, simply put, money and family don't mix well. Come learn some different strategies to help your family become financially independent and collectively powerful. Topics: How to migrate people off your payroll, contingent support
    • April 8: Building Generational Wealth
      Regardless of your income, families can truly build generational wealth in one generation. We've seen it happen over and over again. Now, we'll show you how. Join us to hear a few stories and strategies on how to build wealth for your great grandchildren and beyond. Topics: Budgeting, savings goals, wealth mindset
    • May 13: Tackling Student LoansCollege costs are rising at 7% per year! That means more debt for you. The average outstanding student loan debt is $30,000 and it feels like you'll make payments forever. Join us to learn 5 strategies for paying off student loans. Topics: Federal vs. Private loans, loan forgiveness, repayment plans
    • June 10: Improving Your Credit Score
      How can I improve my credit? Think like a bank. Your credit score tells banks how risky it could be to lend you money. When you start thinking like they do, it's easier to understand how you can improve your score and lower your risk. Join us to learn how credit scores work and several safe ways to improve your credit. Topics: Drivers of credit score, credit myths
    • July 21: Beware of Predators
      “Bad credit, no credit, no problem.” You’ve heard it before. The companies that say they care about you because they let you buy things you don’t need. Join us to learn how much you’re really paying and how to avoid bad deals that are definitely too good to be true. Topics: Rent to Own, Payday Loans, Predatory Lending, Buy Here/Pay Here
    • August 19: Life of the Credit Card
      You charge the card today, it's due next month and then there's this "minimum payment." This doesn't make sense! I agree. Credit cards can be dangerous if you don't know exactly how they work. Come learn about the fine print with credit cards, what points are really worth and how you can stay out of the debt spiral. Topics: APR, APY, interest accumulation, how to use credit cards
    • October 13: Bling on a Budget
      What gets measured gets improved. Doctor's track cholesterol. Runners track distance. CEOs track sales. If you want to improve anything in your life, simply track it. Join us and learn how to track your money (and win some awesome prizes along the way) Topics: Budgeting, Mobile Budgeting Apps, Saving, Tradeoffs/Prioritization
    • November 4: Holiday Financial Planning
      It's hard to save during the holidays. It's much easier to go into debt and justify it to yourself. Let's show you how to flip that. Join us for tips on how to avoid the January credit card blues…and still have a little fun. Topics: Black Friday, Holiday Spending Strategy, Budgeting
    • December 2: Year-end Financial Planning
      The end of the year can be a perfect time to reflect. What went well? What could be improved in the new year? How is your financial life progressing and what changes should be made? Join us for strategies that can help you keep more of your hard-earned dollars in the year ahead. Topics: Strategies, financial focus, goals, savings